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September 01, 2016


S.P. Bowers

What a wonderful story and connection with that family. I don't want to be rude but as an adoptive mother I want to say you don't 'give up' children for adoption. This is old terminology that can be detrimental to the kids. Children are placed for adoption. Which is a much more accurate term, especially when adoptions are open and they still have contact with their biological families. You may think I'm nitpicking but there is a huge difference and most adoptive and biological families have strong feelings against that terminology. That family may not be one though, in which case I'm sorry for butting in.



That is a really cool story!

But I just wanted to respond to Susan's post. I am an adopted child and I don't find the term "give up" offensive - the biological parents did "give up" their children - they gave up something very precious! The term I find most offensive and people use frequently is "real parents". But thats just a side point.

S.P. Bowers

Totally agree about 'real parents'.

S. Meyers

What a fantastic story! Books can bring people together in such real and important ways. Thanks for sharing! I needed a pick me up!

Erica Smith

S. P. Bowers: Wow, I just read a novel about adoption earlier today where characters had the exact same conversation about terminology. I thought of pointing this out, since it was fresh in my brain, but I knew Shannon meant no harm and didn't think it was my place, as my family isn't touched by adoption. Thanks for saying it.

Shannon, what a fantastic way for a family of readers to come together!


What a cool & touching story! I love when people are connected or reconnected through books & this created a who new "story".


I'm not really sure why my previous comment wasn't posted. It was a long one and I don't know if I can re-type everything again. Anyway, this is a touching moment. And it's a good thing that the child doesn't hold any grudge or whatsoever. You should include this to your next book, you know? :)

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