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June 09, 2015


Jennifer Hansen Rolli

Amen. I am going to forward this to all my point persons...thanks for putting this info all in one spot.

Ashley Hill

Hi there,
I’m a new author and this was very, very helpful. I haven’t done school visits yet but I’m sure they’re coming and thank you for the good advice about what to do.
P.S. I just read FORGOTTEN SISTERS and I love it! You are such a good writer that it makes my stories sound kind of weak.

melissa @ 1lbr

As a former librarian, I completely agree - you need them! Especially in your schools!


So, I feel sort of foolish asking this question, but I confess I'm a little clueless: What exactly DOES a good librarian do in a school? Like on a day-to-day sort of basis, etc.? The only librarians I ever had in the several schools I went to were book-checker-outers, as far as I could tell. So this question is sincere, not snarky or complainy: What DO librarians do?


In response to your question, I had an amazing librarian in high school, who worked closely with our teachers. She actually taught classes on poetry in our AP English classes because she was very experienced with poetry, while our teachers were not as experienced. Poetry is often neglected in schools, and she really filled in that educational gap. She knew students personally and gave personal book recommendations. She knew how to find amazing academic resources online for high school students, and signed up our school on many online databases specifically for high school students. She arranged for every student to have an account on a bibliography maker website, and was familiar with the latest MLA and APA editions. I could go on and on - she did so many other things!


Dear Mrs. Hale:
I am totally one of those kids. I’m in 7th grade and trying to write a novel (kind of like you were years ago). You are so inspirational.
My new story, FRIENDLY FIRE, is all about sorcery and war. ENNA BURNING has been my favorite book for years, and I’ve always wanted to write something that great. I finally decided to. Thank you for inspiring me.


This is every inch Enna Burning:



What is that piece? That is fabulous!


It is called Fire Dance.

It always gives me butterflies in my stomach when I listen to it!


It’s amazing. Got to put that on my iPod. Move on over, Taylor Swift! Fire Dance is my new fave!


Will you be doing a book club this July? I love the book clubs.
River Secrets, anyone?
*praying ‘please, please, please’*


I vote for Forest Born! That book was SO GOOD!


I love FB too. Though EB is my favorite.
The only reason I vote RS is because EB has been done and RS is the next in order. I hope to see book clubs for both!


Um, I know it’s really a weird time, but in my neck of the woods it’s July 1 already. Does that mean book club tomorrow?

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