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May 11, 2015



Yes. And a well-timed offer to share the load of a small task or a great worry is appreciated more than flowers or even chocolate.

Anmol Vachan

Hello Wile, I like your this emotional post about moms.
I love my mom too. Thank you very much for sharing wonderful thoughts.
God bless you.


Hey there!
Happy Mother’s Day, Shannon. From what I’ve heard, you are a wonderful mother and a lovely person. I still can’t believe you have TWINS. I know a pair of girl twins, and both of them are really sweet.
So, was it Dinah or Wren who woke you up?
I adore my mom. She is a total sweetheart. If you can’t tell, I’m an Enna at heart and it takes a tough woman to raise me. I think I’m going to dedicate my first book I write to her.
My sister just had a baby, which makes me a happy aunt. It was her first mother’s day and she was so excited. She and her little boy are just like Isi and Tusken, which makes me smile. Lucky for my sister, she didn’t have her baby in a house a day from her castle, and her BFF wasn’t getting sworn into the Bayern army during her childbirth : D
You love chocolate and sleep too? You sound just like my friend.
You may not be perfect, but who is? I’m not, my friends aren’t, even my own mom isn’t. All I can say is that you’re a darn good writer and keep up doing the good work!

Ali M

This is such an amazing thing. I've shared it with so many people, because it captures my experience of motherhood so very very much. Thank you for putting into words what I could not!


Hey, I just read the extra-meaty bio on the site and I found out that Shannon doesn’t have a middle name and that always bothered her. The good news is, you can get one! I’m pretty sure you can go to the courthouse or something and give yourself a middle name.
If you want some suggestions, here’s my list of favorite girls’ names:
#1: Mao. It’s a Japanese name and the Mao I know is a lovely lady.
#2: Gracie. It means “gracious”. If you want some more spice you could go for Grainne (Irish), Gracja (Polish), Graziella (Italian), or Gracilia (Portuguese).
#3: Adelina. It means “noble”. Other variants are Adeline, Adelita, Alita, Ada, Aline, Adelyn, Adelle, or Adele.
#4: Elena. It’s Russian, and means “light” or “brightness”.
#5: Elizaveta. A form of Elizabeth that I really like.
#6: Isilee. You know what kind of wonderful people are named Isilee.
#7: Enna. Cool!
#8: Miri. I love Miri!
#9: Britta. Such a sweet girl.
#10: Rin. Not only is it after Rinna-girl, it’s a Japanese name.


I love my mom so much. She and I are like Rin and Ma. On my first night at summer camp, I read Forest Born and knew just how Rin was feeling being away from her mother. I cried reading it.
As far as the name, I’d vote Enna. Hence my username. Runners up: Gracie, Isilee, and Adelina. I’ll also note that Adelina is the name of the main character in Gail Carson Levine’s Two Princesses of Bamarre book.
I personally like the names Delia and Saren.
What about Maisie, Maddie, or Raven? Ooh…


Shannon, I was just on your tumblr page. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend dying. I know that if I were in your situation, I would be too upset to go on with normal life. In fact, I didn’t even know your friend and I got choked up reading the thing. You are a wonderful person and my heart is with you. Bless you.
Warmest regards (and no, I don’t mean it like Enna says it in Forest Born in reference to Selia),

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