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May 04, 2015



Have you gotten the "women aren't funny because men evolved the ability to be funny to win them a mate" line?

Jaya Lakshmi

That's odd . . . I worked hard in the family to become funny, intentionally. Unintentionally I was told that I was a funny kid. Maybe it depends on the atmosphere from the family, because I saw that the person who told the best jokes got the highest attention.


Many funny girls Shannon’s written:
Enna: Shortened Razo’s stirrups, dumped a bucket of mush on his head, yelled, “The orange egg of the omen” to the whole city. Hilarious.
Miri: I was ashamed of being ashamed. Marda, I hope you’re not ashamed of me for being ashamed. If so, shame on you. Or on me? Which is logical?
Britta: I’d give them the rings from my fingers and the shoes from my feet. Though I don’t know why anyone would want the shoes from my feet. They probably wouldn’t fit.
Maddie: “A dead fish! No, wait, it’s alive, better put it back.”
Briar: “Come on, this way looks fun!” (nearly leaping off a cliff).

I’m writing a book where the main character is very funny and in fact a girl. She’s always joking, making funny faces, overall being very amusing.
I think this has something to do with the society we’re in. There’s a reason this country has never had a female president in its two hundred and forty years. It’s the way society looks at women. I mean, there are little countries in the Baltic, Latvia and Lithuania, who have only been around for 25 years, and they’ve already had female presidents.

Once I had been part of a figure skating forum (I love figure skating). We were discussing the tricks the skaters did. I said I wanted to see more tricks out of the girls, and everyone said, “That’ll wreck the beauty of the sport.” But they all picked on the guy I liked because he didn’t do as many tricks as the other guys.
They were saying that it’s the men’s jobs to jump and do big things, and it’s the women’s jobs to look beautiful in fluffy princess costumes and spin around like ballerinas on ice.
For those of you who don’t think women can be funny, tune in to The Ellen Show. (By the way, doesn’t Ellen share her birthday with Shannon? : D). Funny folk are born on January 26.
Maybe I should stop my little feminist ranting before I get out of control.

Diane WoMc

As I was growing up, the comment my dad made about me more than any other was, "Don't laugh at her. It will only encourage her". Well they laughed anyway, and I was encouraged. Here is to all of the funny women in the world! Yay, us!


I frequently laugh in your books, and probably laughed the hardest I have ever laughed while reading a book (and I've read a ton) while reading Austenland. Something about that ninja line just cracked me up. You are my kind of funny.


You and Sophie Kinsella are tied for my funniest author award. I nearly died laughing in Dangerous when she ate the shark. "So I ate it." SO funny. Actually, reading your books has helped me to embrace my own funny side, and I write a humor article for a local magazine every month. Humor is a tough genre to write and to be consistently funny on demand, so kudos to you and your talent!

In my current (and first) novel, it's not really a comedy, but I try to incorporate enough humor to keep my readers cracking a smile. I do have an idea for one comedy up my sleeve that I can't WAIT to write! Thanks for inspiring me!


Yeah, I loved when Maisie ate the shark too.
I really like Maddie in the Ever After High books.
And Enna. She's just like me : D.
Ooh, and don't forget about sweet little Miri.
I haven't read Austenland yet but the tidbits i've gotten were hilarious.
I love you, funny girl Shannon.

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