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April 13, 2015



These pictures just made my entire week. ;) Lol!


Dear Shannon:
Cute pictures.
By the way, do any of your books come in Polish?


Dear Queen Shannon:
How long is it until July 1? I’m praying that you do another summer book club. Please, please, please!
I have just submitted a manuscript to a publisher. When I get it published, I will give you the first copy, autographed.
Love, love, love, love you SO MUCH!
What funny pictures!


YES! I want a book club too! I know you’re very busy right now, but I love your book clubs. July is my favorite month because of you.
You don’t have to post every day about it; I’d be happy if you did a once-a-week chapter-by-chapter book club as well.

Adela Hope

You are so funny! And you looked so lovely in those photos!
Queen Shannon. Good one, shannons#1fan.
Julie, I was wondering the same thing. I think Princess Academy might come in Polish.
Totally agree about the book club.


Dear Shannon Hale:
My name is Irina, and I am arguably your biggest fan. I read your Goose Girl in 2003 when I was 15 and fell in love with it. I have blonde hair in a dark-haired family (I’m Romanian and was adopted by an Asian couple living in Chinatown), so I could really relate to Ani. I started wearing my hair just like hers (and still do).
I devoured up Enna Burning. Enna is just like my best friend Michelle: a firecracker, very protective, frank, and overall the most terrific friend you could ever have.
Princess Academy was so beautifully written. Because of it, I started sponsoring education in my home country of Romania. I donated enough money (by selling paintings) that I could help fund a school so girls like Miri can learn to read.
River Secrets was a hilarious thrill. I loved the whole story because it was funny and a nail-biter at the same time. How do you do it, Mrs. Hale? You are an incredible writer, the best I’ve ever read. (Um, I want to marry Razo, so can you write a book where he breaks up with Dasha so I can have him?)
Forest Born is one of my favorites (well, I love them all, so its hard to choose). Though I’ll have you know that her struggle with people-speaking was so strong and beautiful that I cried through half the book. You’re that good.
But it was Palace of Stone that was best. I was born during the Romanian revolution and got taken to America as an orphan. A story about revolution always appealed to me. This is the best revolution-story ever because not only do you have a bunch of action, but you have a deep character going through it all. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mrs. Hale, for such a lovely story.
Irina. But you can call me Your Biggest Fan Ever.


Irina, you just made me cry.
I would say we will have to tie for Biggest Fan Ever, but you’ve got me. Your story is so inspirational. Wow, I never knew a book could impact a person so much! I’m speechless.
I will have to write my books faster so I can inspire people like you.
I love Razo too. I wanted Dasha to get lost too. Though I love the character.
I’m not the only one who got choked up reading Rin? What a relief. I was thinking I was a freak because of that. It is SUCH an emotional book. I think Rin’s inner journey is the most tenderly written of all.
It’s nice to know that there are people out there who are so touched by Shannon’s work. She is the best writer I’ve ever heard of. Ever. The best writer to walk upon this earth.
And I agree with EVERYONE that a book club would be fantastic.


Okay, I got so choked up reading Irina’s comment that I forgot my whole point of going on here.
Shannon, those are some of the funniest photos I’ve seen. Glad to hear everyone was nice to little Max.
Love you!


I saw that Princess Academy has been adapted into a play!!!! I'm so excited! I hope that it comes around to all the BYU campuses, though.
And also I think Princess Academy would make a great musical. The rhythm of the mountain, the songs... It would be awesome. Hopefully it goes from play to musical to movie-musical. Because that would be amazing.


OMG I would LOVE a Princess Academy play.
Could they make a musical with cool music like Phantom of the Opera? I’ve always loved that music.
I want to sign up to play one of the characters, but I’m Asian so I don’t think I could be a Miri. Oh well. Maybe they’ll make a Book of a Thousand Days play/musical and I could play Dashti.
I’m crossing my fingers Princess Academy swings by Kansas so I can see it. Please, please, please *praying to the creator god and the Ancestors*


They should make a Bayern on Ice figure skating show. Do you think they’d ever do that? I’ve seen some Disney on Ice shows before, so maybe they’ll do Bayern on Ice.
I think Gracie Gold, the 2014 US National champion, (a lovely-looking blonde) would make a lovely Isi.
There’s also this Russian girl called Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, who’s the reigning World Champion. She would be a perfect Enna (dark hair, kind of fiery eyes).
Oh, and there’s another Russian named Yulia Lipnitskaya, who I think would make a good Selia.
And the reigning Olympic champion, Adelina Sotnikova, would be a great Rin.
I can’t find a redhead for Dasha. But I’m sure you could find somebody.
Just a thought.


The more I think about it, the more I want a Princess Academy musical.


If they do a musical, they have to use Idina Menzel’s voice.
I want to see movies of all the books, like they did with Austenland.
By the way, I LOVED that movie. Good job Jerusha Hess. Is it true that the author Stephanie Meyer, whose quotes are on the covers of the Books of Bayern and 1000 Days, did film producing? Wicked cool!

Lily Gaines

AH! You need to come over to the east coast for YALLfest this year. I think I might actually pass out from excitement and shock if I ever met you xD


I would be dead with the thrill of it all. If I could meet one famous person in this world, it would be Queen Shannon.

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