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January 22, 2015



Thanks for responding to my question! Your blog is always insightful.


Re: Emily - my highest rate of success in getting someone to read a book they are not particularly interested in comes from this one strategy: begin reading the book to them. You know, follow them about, reading out loud. (Alternatively there is the thing teachers call a "book talk" - where you introduce the book and read a teaser, rather than just opening it up and starting).


Just wanted to respond to the new genres question. Lots of genre books criss cross with each other these days. So you might introduce your romance-loving friend to a sci-fi book with a nice romance in there (or vice versa). Or someone who likes suspense to a historical fiction that's taking place in during a war (Code Name Verity, for example--but I would NOT suggest for elementary kids). And YES, I agree with Alysa on the teaser strategy!!

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