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December 01, 2014



Thank you for talking about boys and books again and again. It helped me to offer my boys more options in their reading, which I hope helps them to be better rounded individuals. Now my 13-year-old has read all of the Books of Bayern and Princess Academy books and enjoyed them. He has also told his younger brother (a 10-year-old) to read them too. My twin 6-year-old boys are getting the Princess in Black for Christmas. I think that they will love it, and I never want them to be ashamed for exploring "girl" books.


I only have girls, but I've noticed it goes both ways. When my daughter checked out a book about Ancient Egypt from the school library, she told me that none of her friends would look at it with her. She was told (from her friends) that it was a boy book and that girls don't like those kinds of books. It's been a struggle for her, but my husband and I keep telling her not to listen to her friends and read the books she wants to. If she keeps checking out books she's interested in, like dinosaurs, bugs, and superheroes, she'll be happier and smarter than if she lets other kids pressure her into reading something she doesn't really like.

Amy @ Sunlit Pages

I came to your signing at The King's English with my four boys (ages 6, 4, 3, and 6 months) and was happy to see several other boys there. All of my kids love this book, and I hope they won't get to the point where they're embarrassed to read it because it's about a princess. We're looking forward to the other ones in the series!

Lauren Becker

A few weeks ago you met my sister at your Annapolis signing and signed a copy of The Princess in Black for "Lauren". What you didn't know was that book was for me, a 41 year old mom of 4 boys. I've lost track of how many times we've read it. Thank you!

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