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December 15, 2014



Love this so so much. I'm a young author and I know a lot of people scoff at that, but hey--it's what I want to do. My parents tell me to self-publish. Other people tell me to wait because I'm too young. But I don't want to wait and more than that, I refuse to. Even if my first books never get published, I'm going to write because that's what writers do. That's where I find joy.
Thing is I kind of missed the swell, too...when I wrote my book with an assassin for an MC, it was unique as far as I knew...now, not so much. Kind of sucks.
But whatever. Thanks for your advice--it's good to know there's always an audience. :)


I like how you refer to practice writing as rehearsal. No one expects beginning actors to make money a year after they pick up theater. I'm in the middle of my sixth practice book. I know it will never see the light of day and I don't care. People ask me all the time when I'm getting published and I'm in HIGH SCHOOL. Um, I have other stuff to take care of first.


Thank you so much, Shannon. As an aspiring author, I really needed this.


This was amazing and really, I needed to hear these words. For me stories are the most powerful thing of all, and I want to share those by publishing or some other method, even if it takes me years. Giving up is one of the easiest things to do but sticking to your work is one of the hardest. At the same time though, we need to learn when to let go of certain novels.
I hope I made some sort of sense. Thanks, Shannon. You're awesome :)


I love your books and though I have no intention of writing, your advice applies to all fields of passion I believe.
My daughter just started a YouTube channel and I think it is always hard when whatever your project is doesn't blow up right away.

She did mention 4 of your books in her Christmas List reviewhttp://youtu.be/b3PqFRLLS3A

nancy merrill

I remember when John Grisham's _The Firm_ came out and everyone loved lawyer stories and novels. And after he'd had success with a couple of books, suddenly we were seeing _A Time to Kill_, which he actually wrote first, but apparently couldn't get anyone to look at until after the success of _The Firm_. Go figure.

Jamie Moesser

Thank you, Shannon. This is what I needed to hear.

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