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November 10, 2014



Thank you - beautifully said.


Thank you for this.


I'm so happy you made it through that time to become the amazing person, mother, and writer you are today. Thank you for sharing this story with us - your honesty is powerful.

Sequoia Gulbranson

It's nice to know that I'm not the only 12yo that felt that way. I got so much better after I talked to my mom. Thank you Mrs. Hale.


This year, I joined my school's anti-suicide club. 10% of the members have attempted suicide and over half of us have struggled with clinical depression, lost family members, or had suicidal thoughts. But now we're reaching out to other people. I'm so glad you chose to stay alive and provide the world with beautiful stories.


Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing.


Well-written - but more importantly, well-parented. I'm glad you pulled through that time and hope you're doing well.


That is so tragic. I'd like to think that I could have been there for my child at such a sad time, but I probably would have been too busy, or felt too inadequate to have known what to say. Some people just know the right things to say. Your answer was great...... I am going to send your letter to my children to help start a conversation with their children. Imagine the terrible loss to all and to your family if you had followed through.

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