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October 06, 2014



So stinkin' excited for princess in black!! My copy is pre-ordered. :) I was already excited for it but then I met LeUyen Pham at the Decatur book festival (more about that on my blog, should you care for details) and *she let me see a finished copy* Augh! So beautiful! So fun! I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on it!


20 books. Wow. By my count, you've written fantasy, sci fi, romance, mystery, graphic novels, screenplays, YA, MG, adult, and now an early chapter book! Keep 'em coming!

Erika Viktor

Awesome title! I envy you your 19 books. I only have 19 kids, and 12 cats. Also, a lizard. I'll buy this for the kids and at least one of the cats. The lizard is out of luck.


Please come to Changing Hands in AZ. I will bring you cookies. Delicious, delicious cookies.


I am SO EXCITED for Princess Academy:The Forgotten Sisters !!!!!!!!
I can't wait to read it!


Hi Shannon, just wanted to say thank you for your great books! Best greetings

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