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October 20, 2014



I am SO excited to read this one with my daughters (ages 4 and 8). We just got it and will be starting it as soon as we are done with Pollyanna.
My 4 year old is so obsessed with boy and girl colors lately.
It's strange because she loves Ninja turtles more than princesses and so I didn't expect her to worry about what is "expected" or "normal" for boys/girls. But she always says "Mom, pink is more a girl color and green is more boyish, right mom?"
I always tell her that a color is just a color, not boy or girlish. But I think this will be such a good story to share with her.


Can't wait to read this to my own swashbuckling princess!


Frimplepants? Sneezewort? Can't wait to meet them! I hate it when people diss princesses. Historical princesses are awesome ladies of war and diplomacy. Most of the time, they wore frilly dresses.

Chris Johnson

I am so excited for this book! My twin daughters are 11 and really struggle with reading. I have been looking for something like this to catch their interest. They already love Calamity Jack and Rapunzel's Revenge, but it's like this book was written just for them, because they too love princesses and adventures. And books worth lots of great illustrations. It makes me giggle with anticipation! Thank you for writing this!


Wow! So awesome! And you are right about needing good books for that reading level. Love love love! (And I am going to have to order my own copy, because the library is taking too long.)

Diana T

I got this from the library and read it to my two-year-old. He sat on my lap and listened the whole time and has subsequently picked it up and looked through it in his own. Shannon Hale for the win!


Thank you for this description. This sounds like just the thing for my first-grade daughter, who's reading pretty well on her own, and my 4-year-old, whose favorite read-alouds are Mercy Watson.

In fact, we have invitations to three 7-year-old birthday parties in the next two weeks, and we always give books for birthdays. I'm going to go order 4 copies (one for us) right now!


Wow, I'm so glad you described this book like you did! I'm sure my 4-year-old will love having this book read to her. Especially because her self-proclaimed favorite color is black. :)


This sounds so cool! I love Buffy and I think her "message" (that girls can be girly and fight monsters and more) is great. I'm so happy that you're putting wonderful things like this out there.
I don't even have kids but I will be buying this for sure :)


I giggled and laughed out loud while reading this post and just knew I had to send this to a favorite youngster for an upcoming birthday. I even called her mom and read the blog post to her, and she giggled and laughed too, and agreed that it was a good choice for her youngest. I ordered it right then and there (and then put it on MY wish list in hopes that someone will send ME one.)

Today at lunch I told a friend about it and sent her a link to this post as well as link to the book on Amazon. I probably should save that email because I'm guessing I will need to send it to others.


Bethnay Scheerer

My sister just finished reading The Princess in Black to our five year old sister and she loved it. "I really like the pictures. Will there be another one soon?" ~My five year old sister. I can't wait to read it myself


I loved Princess in Black! I got it in the mail today and read the whole book to my sister. She wasn't sure at first (she adheres to the "black isn't a girl color" belief) so I told her I was just going to read it to our mom...by chapter three she was hooked. She's asked me to read it again tomorrow and I'm hoping I can use it as a stepping stone to other books that are more diverse than her stories from school. And not only that, I and my mom enjoyed the story too! Thanks so much!


this book sounds perfect for my 7 year old son to read out loud with me. plus, i get the pleasure of introducing my boys to one of my favorite authors! what a perfect combo! can't wait!

Tiffany L.

I am so excited for this book. As a mother of four boys (and only boys!) I feel it is my duty to read them ALL the good books of the world, and that includes Ramona the Pest, Little House on the Prairie, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Ella Enchanted, etc. They might not ever pick these books up on their own, but they love them when exposed to them. And my 12-year-old just devoured (and redevoured, about five times) "Dangerous." Thanks for writing such fantastic literature for boys and girls.

Audry T.

What a great source of inspiration! And what a wonderful result. I think if that happened to me, I'd reply, "They certainly do!" and then I'd show her Grace Kelly in a black dress.

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