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September 15, 2014


Ani Brooke

I do think, if the romance is a major part of the plot, we should be able to fall in love with the love interest to the extent that we identify with the main character. As a heterosexual woman who prefers simplicity and straightforwardness in romance, I'll never fall in love with a Dasha of my own - but when I'm in Razo's headspace, I can totally fall in love with her. Which falls in with what you say - "can this character fall in love with them?" - but I'll usually express my dissatisfaction with poorly-fleshed-out and not-evident-attractiveness-to-presumptive-match as "I don't like the character."


I think the reason lots of readers hate love triangles is we're confused about who we're "supposed" to like. If the guy we wanted wins, the story's predictable. If the guy we like loses, we feel cheated. I rooted for the loser in Palace of Stone, but hey, if Miri doesn't want him, more for me.
Would I date Wilder from Dangerous? Oh no. Never. But...I liked him as a character because he constantly surprised me. He wasn't at all like a typical love interest.


I think you nailed it with Finn. Honestly. I was never really for Team Jacob or Team Edward, but if there was a Team Finn - everyone would be on it. Even Rin secretly wishes that Finn had a brother. Isi admits he is one of the kindest people she knows. Enna knows for a fact that Finn is perfect. I rest my case.


Totally off topic, but I just realized, Wilder's name in Dangerous...wasn't Geric's name originally Wilder? ;D I guess there's names I like so much I can't get rid of them either when I'm writing...haha, just a funny tidbit.
I love it when I see a "nontraditional" love interest, someone quirky and fun, because those are kind of my favorite people in real life. Like those in-between characters, more of an uncertain gray than a black-and-white as far as their moral compass. Prince Charmings are fun sometimes, it depends on my mood, but I like my guys with more personality. ;P I think you're right--it's more about whether it's believable for the character to fall for them than any feelings you would have for that sort of person in real life.


The first thing I thought of was Jane Eyre. I really don't get the love interest there. (In fact, the only thing about the book I didn't like was 'Reader, I married him.')

Same thing with the other Charlotte Bronte book I read, Villette. I didn't like the love interest in either book, but it made sense within the stories, and was believable for that heroine to love that hero. I liked both books a lot, even if I didn't personally care for the main character's love interest.

(I also don't get the love interest in Wuthering Heights, but there wasn't really ANY character I cared about...I guess that's a discussion for another day.)


I completely agree that the love interest is meant for the main character. Like, I never really got the whole "team edward" "team jacob" thing. Am I on team edward because I think Bella should marry edward? Or am I on team jacob because he is more appealing to me personally? Never could figure out which one of these was supposed to determine my "team."


Books are such personal things, whether you enjoy a book or not is based entirely on your own opinion, you can be swayed by movies or book covers, but in the end, it's all about what you think of the characters, how you empathize with them, or whether you find them, 'Loveable' (for want of a better word.)
For example, I'd say I Loved Isi more than Geric, because I can understand the wirldwind emotion she goes through and would give up anything to have wind speech, that doesn't mean I'm in love with her, Razo is definitely my favourite love interest- Ah! So gorgeous! But that is my personal opinion, someone else could read The Bayern books and think completely differently, Or fall head over heals for Harry Potter!

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