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July 31, 2014



I loved the ending of Enna Burning; I think the whole 'learning each other's languages' twist at the end sums up the essence of reading. And also, great picture (the other one was great too, of course :).


I love and adore this book so much. I found the whole end so exciting and I loved the ceremony. I was quite scared towards the end- not knowing if Enna would survive! I also really enjoy River Secrets, the more I read your books the more I really appreciate them. No questions this time, just a raving review of you and your works!


You really excel at creating cultures and entire worlds. I love how much detail you put into your worlds. It's so hard to keep myself from reading the last chapter. Can't wait for tomorrow!


Thank you. Thank you. This has been bugging me for a long time. Whenever an Ever After High fan speculates about this, I'm going to link them to this post.
Poor Isi, waddling around the wilderness with her big fat belly. If only they could've figured out the trick sooner. They could've saved themselves a road trip.
I'm so glad Enna got to keep her powers!


Uh... could you get your husband to write the song about swimming rabbits and no-tailed squirrels? *sheepish* I know this comment is a bit late, but I thought that scene was really cute, and I'd really like to hear it ^^

If Enna had died at the end of this book, the events of River Secrets and Forest Born would've gone a lot differently, wouldn't they?

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