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July 28, 2014



The structure feels just right to me. Enna's struggle was always the fire, not the war. But then, I also like the long, anticlimactic end to Huckleberry Finn. Plus, these chapters give us more Enna/Isi time.


I feel like this chapter specifically juxtaposes Isi's trip from Kildenree to Bayern. The betrayal she experienced on the first trip versus the bonding and growth of their friendship in the second.


I read that you weren't going to write another book of Bayern, but if or hopefully when you do, do you think you would write it about a character we already know or introduce someone new, like Rin? You might not have thought much on it but I was curious!


I've always wondered how you pronounced Anidori.


@Nicole, Rin already has a book. It's Forest Born.


@Eliza ha I see that my grammar was misleading. I meant to say introduce a new character, like you did with Rin...


@Nicole Oh, I get it now.

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