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July 23, 2014



I love that Isi and Razo and Finn didn't judge Enna. They understood. Isi especially understood. They accepted. Everyone needs friends like that.


This has nothing to do with the book club, but I thought you would like to know. I visited Jane Austen's home today (which was absolutely amazing) today and I overheard the cashier in the gift shop giving a raving review of Austenland, the movie. Congratulations! You've made it back to the motherland!


I would pick Jennifer Lawrence for Ani and Lily Collins for Enna! That's just me though...


I LOVED that part where Isi goes into the camp to tell the story, it's so touching and just so like her!
About the stories-are-characters thought, I totally agree. After I finish a book, I've honestly already forgotten a lot of events in the story, but what I am really left with is the characters - the ones I loved and the ones I hated, the way they made me feel, their interactions in my favorite scenes, and the lessons they've taught me.
Thanks for the posts!


Are Isi and Enna based off people you know or did they just spring to life in your wonderful mind?


Do you think of a character and then name them or do you start with a name? I don't know why but I pronounce Enna's name as Eena or Ina.


I need to reread Goose Girl and Enna Burning just so I can figure out who would play them. I have such a hard time "casting" book characters because they are just THEM and my mental picture is unique, but it would be fun to come up with a real-life faces to match to the characters.
It also makes me wonder how close the images of Enna and Isi you picture are to each of ours. That would be fun to see.


Oh, I love this scene! The last time I read Enna Burning was seven years ago. I forgot a lot of things in that time, like Sileph's name and the augury. But this scene feels like it's burned into my brain. I love how Isi sacrifices her hair just to tell Enna a story. I love how the story gives Enna the motivation to escape. I love how Enna realizes her friends will always be there for her.
Last time I read this book, it was about struggling with a problem no one else could see and conquering your inner demons. And now it's about friendship! Haha, you tricky book, changing on me like that.

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