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July 17, 2014



Did you get any backlash from the scene with the soldier? What was Sileph's reason for coming back to her tent? (I am very grateful that he did!)


This makes me want to re-read Enna Burning. I haven't felt that way in years because it was an agonizingly beautiful book that hurt me a bit to read. So much pain. So much loss. So much danger and complication. I actually put it on my short list of Books that Damaged Me and then took it off again once I read The Glass Castle, which was damaging in a bad way.

Anyways. Your stuff is marvelous and beautiful. How long before we get a summer book club on Maisie Danger Brown?


I was curious about, if Enna and Ani were both real people (even though you said they are real to you) which you would get along with better- hard-headed Enna or strong Ani/Isi? HUGE fan by the way. I started writing because of Goose Girl!


I love how complicated Enna and Sileph are. You are so good at writing real characters.

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