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July 15, 2014



This cover is beautiful! I can understand people thinking the fire is a metaphor for most of those things, but I can't imagine where they came up with divorce. What are some other weird reader theories you've heard for any of your books?


Awesome cover. I love seeing all the covers for different countries, it's fun to see all the cultural influences there. ;)
Out of curiosity, do you have to approve all of the cover art or does your publisher handle that?


I was in eighth grade when I first read Enna Burning, and It was kind of my first real taste of romance in Young Adult novels. That tent scene - it killed me, in the best way possible (I decided after that that I was kind of liking this whole romance thing). Even two years and many books later, no book has made me feel about a couple the way Enna and Finn did. They just gave me butterflies! I loved the entire book of course, but I kind of agree that the tent scene is worth it.
Also, I think had (have) a teensy crush on Finn... (So much butterflies!)


I would love it if you did make a book of the tales. I love them! I tried to memorize them, but there are quite a few, they aren't that short and I've never been good at memorizing words.


A book of the fairytales would be fabulous!

That tent scene is so perfect. Even as a happily married mid-thirties mom of four, it still makes me sigh.

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