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April 23, 2014



I will totally check this out. The title of this post intrigued me because I have wondered for sometime about some brilliant people I know, all of whom seem to suffer with a learning disability or other challenge. My daughter who has ADHD will hyper focus, and many times she chooses to write stories during that time. It calms her brain, and she is SO creative. After hearing Brandon Mull speak about his school years and the stories he wrote then and pulled out and developed years later, she decided to keep her stories and ideas in a folder for "someday." Anyway, I will definitely check out the project. Thanks!


Just went and supported it--thank you for posting about this. I'm looking forward to reading your story and I hope that the campaign is successful and Mr Well's feels some relief at the outpouring of support.

Ian Miller

I've been hearing about this for a bit, but your post pushed me over the edge and I contributed. Thank you!


I LOVE Robison Wells, and the Variant books!!! What a beautiful mind! I'm so sorry to hear about this and will spread the word as well as do what I can to help out. Heartbreak doesn't even begin to cover how I feel.


Thank you for you amazing insight of this terrible disease.


Thank you. My entire family (aside from one of my brothers who remarkably avoided it somehow) suffers from OCD. Some very severely and others only slightly. Lucky for me it's only slightly and part of it is learned behavior because I've been around it so long and I was taught to do things that way. I've watched most of my family suffer excruciatingly with OCD and it really is horrible. Having lived with people who have bad OCD it really gets to me when people straighten something out and another says, "OCD much?" or a teacher misses one mark on the white board and a student says, "You have to erase that, I have OCD." I really just wanted to say thank you for pointing out what OCD really is. I wish the best for Robison Wells. <3

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