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March 17, 2014



Hi Ms. Hale!
I'm Keri and I just started reading your blog. I've been reading your books for a few years, I started when my aunt gave me Princess Academy (best present EVER!) and I really love the Books of Bayern.
I read Dangerous a couple of days ago and I had just one question; how old is Maisie? I was thinking that she was thirteen or fourteen but as I read that seemed less likely. Is it possible that she is immortal and ageless?



Immortal and ageless? I'm not Shannon Hale, but I highly doubt that.

(I KNOWWWW...I need to read the book...meh. I'm a busy girl too.)

Genevieve Ford

I had strep throat this weekend, and while I was down, I read Dangerous three times in a row.


Whoooohooo getting a great blurb from the awesome Metan Turner... I can't wit to read Dangerous.


Congratulations on these wonderful reviews and blogs. You are the best author!

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