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February 17, 2014


Brooke C

My sweet husband took me to see this movie last fall and we drove over an hour to see it. It was only playing briefly and I wanted to see it so badly. We both laughed through the whole thing (he being one of those that appreciates that I love all things Austen, but does find it a bit funny).

I wanted to take my 2 teenage daughters to see the movie in the theater, but alas, it only played in our town for 1 week and none of those days were we available (come on people, only 1 week!). They love all things Austen as well and were very disappointed. So...

I bought the movie this weekend so that we could watch it. They have been waiting so patiently. When discussing a good time to watch it, my husband chimed in that we had to choose a time that he could watch it too. That's right! Even though he had seen it in the theater, he wanted to watch it again. We had a fabulous time last night laughing together and enjoying this terrific movie.

Thank you!


Loved the movie, and laughed so hard. I have been waiting (not so patiently)for the dvd to come out so I could finally watch it. Then an unexpected treat came when I visited my sister in law and she had bought it on iTunes early!!! So fun to watch it with her and my sister and laugh together at all the great lines. I still bought the dvd and my daughter's friend watched it with my husband and I. Then in the morning she woke up and had to watch it right away with my daughter.


I ordered the disk through my netflix account and loved it so much I bought the digital version on iTunes. Then I watched it six more times last week on my ipad while I did household chores....


I wasn't able to see it in theaters because the closest one was about 3 hours away. But I bought the DVD on Tuesday and I'm not ashamed to say I watched it three times last week. And I'll probably watch it again this week. That's how much I loved it. :) I expected to like it, because I'm an Austen fan and really enjoyed the book, but I didn't expect for it to instantly jump onto my favorites list! (And it definitely did.) It was so hilarious.


I can't wait to see this! And I really appreciate your comments about pirating--and the gentle, logical response you quoted.
I am one of those people who really can't afford to go see movies in the theater more than once a year or every couple of years, and I have to save up for the very special books that I love. (For example, I have a special fund of spare change that I've been slowly collecting to buy Dangerous.) That's why the library is amazing! I have Austenland on hold right now. :)
So it kinda angers me to be considered elitist because I think stealing is wrong. I just don't buy in to the culture of instant gratification.


I just can't get over that people think they can argue that stealing is alright, it just blows my mind.


I've read the book twice. I saw it in the theater and I've watched it twice since I purchased the DVD. It is hilarious! Way to go.


Gracious, if one can't afford to buy the thing, it's only $3.99 to rent it on amazon.com. And if one, with ones tumblr account and internet access can't even swing that, then this is a Most Excellent Opportunity for one to practice delaying gratification and make the library request. For if one wants to see it that much, one certainly values it too much to swindle it from its creators.

Tally ho and toodle pip!

Genevieve Ford

I'm waiting for my turn with the DVD at our local library. There's a genuine waiting list. (And we don't have a huge library. Small town.)


I saw Austenland when it came out in my area, and I loved it! So I was eager to buy it on DVD. But I was hesitant to buy it when I saw it was selling for $20. I thought maybe I would wait for the price to go down. But then I remembered how much I loved this movie and so I decided to go ahead and buy it. And it was worth every penny. I have watched it so many times since I bought it last Friday that I have actually lost count of how many times I have seen it. And I work retail, so I don't make a huge amount of money, plus I am going to school. But to me it was worth it to buy it and support something that I love.


I wasn't able to see the movie in theaters because I live in the middle of nowhere. But I've read the book several times including once out loud with my mom. The part where Andrews runs across the lawn with the glass of water and the whole ninja conversation we were literally crying we were laughing so hard. I also read it once to my husband who actually IS Mr Darcy/Mr Nobley. I have been eagerly anticipating the DVD release and went to the store on Tuesday just to get the DVD. I was not disappointed. My husband watched it with me and we were both cracking up. I love it so much. I don't love it quite as much as the book because the book is simply genius. But I am so glad this movie exists and I am wondering if the stars will align for Midnight in Austenland to be made into a movie. Oh how I would love that. Thank you for writing decent, funny, inspiring books and making a movie that celebrates that there really can be happy endings. Well done.


I loved the movie when I saw it in theaters! I tried to go buy it today though and I was surprised to find out that it's been pulled from all vendors just one week after the DVD release, what's up with that? I will probably still order it from amazon but it bugs me that I can't just go buy it today.

Ani Brooke

I'm curious what was meant by "watch online". Because in my case, I quite often have to watch online because my library doesn't stock a film (and I can't afford to outright purchase the whole DVD for every film I wish to see once, any more than I can afford any more Netflix than the basic streaming account) - but I always look first for legal, paid services such as Netflix or iTunes. And I do think it's a pretty basic thing nowadays to make something available for sale digitally.

I'm assuming that in context it was evident that this person was seeking a pirate link, but the question alone seems perfectly reasonable.


By the by, excellent job, Shannon! You've been posting every week!

Daniel Vera

Hi Shannon,

I'm with a film distribution company called YEKRA and we're currently offering AUSTENLAND for rental or purchase through our video player! We were wondering/hoping if you could post up the trailer link on this particular blog post to direct your fans to the movie! You can get back to me at socialrelations@yekra.com.

Really appreciate it, and congratulations on the film!



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