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February 24, 2014



Oh, man--how did I miss that her name is Maisie now?? That is totally throwing me off. Guess I'll just have to read the book to solidify her "real" name!


Good for you for breaking boundaries and writing what you want! Can't wait to dive into Maisie's story and be swept away by your superb writing skills.

Catherine Egan

This is so exciting! My 2014 is *so* ready for this book.


I'm so excited to read this book! We have few really good superhero fantasy things for YA readers - and one with female protags who are, like, ACTION oriented? Be still, my heart.


You're right. I never noticed that before. I've seen a few YA and MG superhero novels but never with girls. I'm a teen girl, I started reading in 2003, but I've never felt this pressure to stick to the unicorns. I'm ready for Maisie. These ARC reviews keep taunting me and I want the real thing. I can't wait for the release date because then...then...then I can stare at my library website and watch 97 people read it first.

Janet Johnson

Growing up, it never never occurred to me that some things were for boys and some were for girls. I only knew what I liked and what I didn't. Dangerous sounds pretty awesome! I love the genre-bending you do. :)


I grew up reading science fiction -- Edgar Rice Burroughs, E.E. "Doc" Smith, Robert Heinlein, and Anne McCaffery, among others. Loved it all. I can't wait to read what marvelous concoction you have come up with this time. We've pre-ordered our book!


Maybe it's because I watched star trek with my dad while I was reading American Girl at school, but I've never stuck with just one genre. As for dystopian and steam punk being the only sic-fi that works for teens, I have to disagree. I am a teen and I've read one too many dystopian novels. Fahrenheit 451 was amazing, but after a couple they become predictable. I never read comic books as a kid because they weren't at the library, but the idea of super heroes has always appealed to me...even as a girl...even though one of my best guy-friends used to insist that girl superheroes just didn't work. Maybe girls have less upper body strength, but girls can still make pretty awesome superheroes! I've already pre-ordered my copy and I can't wait to read it!


"Girls don't read science fiction." Since when? I know that many girls don't, but many girls do. It's an over statement to say there would be NO audience for this type of a book.

I'm definitely moving Dangerous up on my to read list.


My above comment is directed at the nay-sayers, not to you, Shannon. Just in case I didn't make that clear.

Meredith B.

Girls don't read Science Fiction? Really? Really, they don't? Those editors clearly are not talking to the Elementary and Middle Grade teachers in the Greater Cincinnati area who are assigning their students to go out and find a Science Fiction (not Fantasy!) novel to read for a Genre project. Or the booksellers and librarians who have been wearing themselves right out for ten years, trying frantically to find Science Fiction books for all of those kids to read for the last ten (10!) years, and watching them get thinner and fewer and farther between every. single. year! Argh. That's it. I need a chaise longue and a lemonade!


And you pulled it off! I was so lucky to get to read it early!

Here's my review: http://www.sonderbooks.com/Teens/dangerous.html

Fellow fans, this is so worth reading!


This sounds like the description of my new favorite book! I can't wait to read it! BTW I have to recommend to you a very fun "superhero" series called the Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy. It's nothing like Dangerous and written for a younger audience but so much fun to read. My kids and I have read them 3 times. I hope you don't mind me throwing random book names your way but when I really love something I want to share. Thanks for all your great books!


Growing up, I watched what my dad watched and read what my dad read. As such I was a humongous superhero nerd who read Terry Brooks and sat through Star Trek (TNG) marathons and wrote about girls who lived on "starplanets". It wasn't until the Harry Potter books came out that I gave my soul to fantasy. But it wasn't until recently and the influx of new superhero movies that I started thinking "some day I'm going to write a superhero story." And it wasn't until then that I realized the complete dearth of superhero novels. Characters with superhuman powers? Check. Using those powers for great acts of heroism? no check. The plot for "my great superhero story" yet eludes me, but I'm now much more excited and curious for Dangerous that even before. Which says a great deal because I'm about to exceed the anticipation cap.
(and Meredith is right, I'm from Cincinnati too and we're scifi crazy!)


I am SO excited for this book! Now I'm imagining my favorite superhero movies like Batman and The Avengers in a novel friendly format and it's such an exciting idea. Yes, please. And double yes that there's a female lead. I can't wait to see what it's like! and btw, my mommy and I just watched Austenland for the first time (it FINALLY came out on DVD) We loved it and just couldn't stop laughing over it. Also, the ending was the sweetest. LOVE. So thank you so much for creating these wonderful stories :)


I'm really looking forward to this book. :) Frankly, I find the idea that girls won't read scifi ridiculous-- I can't remember a time when I didn't love it.

Candice F

I haven't been able to find the email address I'm supposed to send a receipt to?


Can't wait to get this book!I'm so enthusiast!


I'm really excited that your coming to my area. After reading this post, I want to read your new scifi any more! I love the scifi genre and super heroes are awesome!


Candice--it's teensusa@bloomsbury.com


Read it! Loved it! Way to go! I too love the mixing up of genres. And this one was a fun one! Thanks for the ride. :)

Leah M Berry

That's the reason: my Wonder Woman Underoos (yes, I had them too) and watching Justice League every Saturday morning.

After publishing my YA Urban Fantasy book (Power Revealed) last fall, I've been surprised that it has become so popular in the Fantasy > Super Hero category. But I guess deep down, I'm a superhero fan too and didn't even realize it.

While a lot of guys like the book, plenty of girls (and women) are enjoying it and I'm sure they'll love Dangerous too. I know I can't wait to read it.

After all, Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth) isn't the only superhero we girls want to watch or read about.


I want to totally agree with this discussion! As a girl, I grew up reading everything from the typical "girl" books (horse books and American Girl books) to "non-girl" books, including westerns, sci-fi, and "boyish" fantasy. I loved Star Trek right along with my brothers and Dad (totally had a crush on Mr. Spock).

I'd like to recommend The Cassidy Jones Adventures by Elise Stokes. This is a very-well done self-published series about a super-hero girl. Cassidy Jones is a regular teenager until she gets accidentally turned into a mutant. I totally recommend this series to anyone who is looking for a good superhero book staring a girl!

Looking forward to reading Dangerous! Also, I bought Austenland the day it come out on DVD, and I've already watched it 3 times! Both my mom AND my dad love it!


Just finished reading the kindle book - very intense! I loved the genre-melding and characterization that's always been the most powerful part of your books.

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