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January 20, 2014



Ooh Chronicles of Prydain were my faves!! How exciting!


So cool! The Prydain Chronicles are personal favorites of mine, too—I even dressed up as Eiloney for Halloween one year. I'm kind of feeling out that you get to do something so awesome. Congratulations!

(Okay, and I'll be honest: my second thought was "Aw, man, if it had been the first person to guess correctly I totally would have won." Congrats to Jean!)


And that should of course say "Eilonwy." (Thanks, autocorrect.)


This is the first time I've heard of that book but I may have to look it up now. I'm excited about EAH!
Congrats on the new decade.

Michelle Bitner Smith

I just read The Book of Three to my children and they loved it.


Cerise and...is that Ashlynn Ella?

Margie Allred

That is exciting. I am a bit older than you, but I remember my elementary school librarian saving The High King for me when it came out.

Christy Grigg

The Book of Three was my first taste of fantasy books! Awesome!!! Can't wait for all of your new books, makes me so happy!

K Nicole

That really is something to be excited about! What a classic series and such a gateway to fantasy for so many. Congratulations on your success. I admire your tenacity!


Best read aloud books ever!


I love the series and my family also fell in love with them when I got them as a book on cd this summer. Very exciting and I hope a new generation of kids will be inspired by Taran and his friends.


That's amazing about The Book of Three! I haven't read that series yet, but I've nothing but amazing things about it. As for kicking off the tour for the next Ever After High in Phoenix... I'M SO EXCITED! That's where I am! I'm so getting the time off for it.


I'm so pleased that it's The Book of Three. Let us know the date for release when it gets closer. Thanks for the win and look for my e-mail.

Stephanie Cameron

My daughter would love to meet you. I told her you lived near us somewhere and she is contemplating turning into a stalker to find you, lol!! Don't worry...she is only 9 and only interested in asking for spoilers in Ever After High. Anyway, are you going to have any release events here in Utah? Would you be interested in some kind of talk directed toward Girl Scouts? Love your work...keep it up!!


We are 10 years apart -- I turn 50 this year. And, yes, I plan to embrace it and celebrate!

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