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January 13, 2014


Ruby Scarlett

Enid Blyton's The Island of Adventure?


It's Harriet the Spy. Has to be. (Can we just go with the first correct answer?) (;

Cindy Smith

My guess is Robin McKinley's Beauty.

Janet Johnson

Hmmm . . . I will have to guess The Secret Garden.

Kristine A

Harriet the Spy? The Little Prince?


I'm guessing Anne of Green Gables? Eep.

Sherry Berrett

Pippie Longstockings.

Christy Grigg

A Ramona Quimby book? Anne of Green Gables is a good guess too though, wish I'd put it first!


Mansfield Park

Kristine A

Charlie & The Chocolate factory? do we get more than one guess?

Jennifer H

I have no idea on the book, but the picture of little girl you next to picture of current you made me think... Wow you were such a cute kid, no wonder your gorgeous! ;^)
And my 10 year old daughter and I are loving Ever After High!


Hmm. I'm going to say either Half Magic (Edward Eager), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Harriet the Spy, or The Book of Three (Lloyd Alexander). No matter what book it is, though, congratulations! That is so cool!

Jen Robinson

I'm hoping for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, since the 50 year anniversary is this year, and that was one of my own favorites as a kid. Have to say that Harriet the Spy is a good guess, too, though...

So exciting, whatever it is. My inner child was utterly thrilled when, as an adult, I had email contact with Zilpha Keatley Snyder AND John Christopher. And those were just emails.


Is it Harriet the Spy? Little Shannon could be Harriet the Spy!

lauren jonczak

I love sweepstakes! I have ever since my mom won a win a car sweepstakes.My guess would be the Never Ending Story. May the odds be ever in my favor!!

Genevieve Ford

The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley


How exciting! Congratulations! :) My guesses are "The Book of Three", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "Harriet the Spy", and "The Giving Tree" — any of those would be amazing to write an intro for!


Is it the Chronicles of Narnia?


Journey to the center of the earth!


I feel like I'm copying everyone else, but Harriet the Spy or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, since I know they're both having big anniversaries this year!

Susan Kipp

Anne of Green Gables...a fav of mine!

Amelia Boggess

Harriet the Spy or Madeline

Sarah McGuire

Congratulations! How exciting.

My guess is The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander

Jennifer Kay

The Little Prince


I'll guess Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Lisa Campbell

I'm putting in a vote for Harriet the Spy. It's definitely time for me to re-read that book! I loved it when I was a kid.

Nicole Hannel

The Giving Tree!


I remember you saying how much you loved Harriet the Spy when you were in Austin a short time ago, so I'm going to guess that! Whatever it is, that's really exciting!

Heather Hoyt

The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander is my guess.

Tiffany Ray

Anne of Green Gables? :)

Tiffany Ray

Ooh Harriet the Spy!


I'll try Harriet the Spy

Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

Is it The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley? That book will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year.


My guess would be Hero and the Crown because that would be sweet.


I'll pick a different 1964 book- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
(Harriet the Spy is a fantastic guess- and young girl Shannon is adorable!)

Lindsay D

Harriet the Spy. I love that book.


It has to be Harriet the Spy, who didn't love that book?


Harriet the Spy?! Congratulations on the honor!


I'm going to join the most frequent guessers and say Harriet the Spy.

Stephanie Behling

Harriet the Spy!


Harriet the Spy or Mansfield Park.
I wish it was Pride and Prejudice, but that had its anniversary a couple years ago...


Harriet the Spy!


I WANT IT!!! My guess is ... I have no idea. All I read as a kid were the sweet valley twins and boxcar children.


I'm going to guess Black Beauty.


I'm going to guess, THE DARK IS RISING or the first book, Over Sea, Under Stone.


Yeah, that'll be Harriet the Spy. Though if by chance the number generator picks this post, skip it and go to the next because I've already had the chance to read DANGEROUS!

Holly Thatcher

Harriet The Spy!


My first guess was Mansfield Park, but I don't think that would be a "little Shannon" book. 2nd guess - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

Faith E. Hough

Not to jump on the bandwagon or anything, but Harriet the Spy seems the logical choice...50th anniversary, girl power story!


My first thought was Ramona, because we are of similar ages and those Ramona books are amazing. I actually just re-read most of them, some to my boys, some just for fun.

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