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December 30, 2013



Five books in a year, wow! Didn't you do a post way back about how you couldn't do one book per year anymore?
I love Ever After High and I can't wait to see what Dangerous is like.

Mariah Porter

That's amazing! Good luck! If I could write that much next year, I could totally get my own career off to a start! x)


Happy early birthday! I'm so excited for Austenland on DVD... I had this weird fear that it might not go to DVD so I'm really glad it will be in my grubby little paws shortly. :D


Wow, Shannon! You're almost as prolific as Brandon Sanderson ;)

Dawn Meehan

I love that I am older--and as a result, wiser--than you.

What a great year this is going to be. And I thought 2013 was pretty amazing.

You inspire the best in all who know (and read) you. XO, Dawn


I found a website with Ever After High games! So exciting :)
good luck with everything this year!


There was a Nathan Hale interview and it mentioned a sequel to Calamity Jack coming out
in 2013. Hasn't come out yet?

Nicole H.

Amazing! Hope 2014 brings you to Atlanta again!

Janeil Jones

Dang it! I was hoping that your upcoming events would include another set of twins! : )


You. Are. Amazing. Five books in one year? That's unheard of! But not for Shannon Hale! So excited to see what you've written (particularly excited for Dangerous)!


I thought Princess Academy 3 was going to be published in 2015...or did I read that wrong...


Wow. You've said before that it doesn't really get easier with time... do you still think that now? Because before you weren't putting out 5 books every year, that's incredible!! Is it easier to finish and publish now than it was before?

Akiko from Japan

A Happy New Year from Japan!


I love that you've taken the risk of genre-hopping. I can't WAIT to read Dangerous and am so incredibly impressed that you have 5 books out this year. Congratulations!

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