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December 11, 2013


Amy Loughney

Smart, hilarious and creative! Can't wait to see it again and again!


I can not think of another movie that made swoon and laugh as much as Austenland did, if I wasn't laughing I was smiling like a lovestruck teenager.


A film so witty, Austen would wish she had thought of the idea herself.


You'll say yes, yes, a thousand times yes to this snort-laugh worthy gem of a movie.


Smart, funny, heartwarming and handsome men in every shot. What's not to like?

Heather Cromar

The right amounts of clever, playful, and romantic combined with the priceless opportunity for Austen fans to chuckle at themselves.


No matter what I felt like when I went into the theater (*cough* all five times *cough-cough*) I always came out with a silly smile on my face and feeling content and happy with the world.

Kathryn Cooper

Yay for the video release! My husband better get ready for an in-home date night. No eating or drinking during this film because you might choke or spew liquid from your nose.


I'm so excited to get it on DVD and watch it for the first time! I wasn't able to make it to the theater because the closest it was playing was about 2 hours from here.


Great book + Excellent cast = An amazingly funny and heartwarming film!

D Riding

Wet your pants funny!


I haven't seen it because it's not coming to any cinemas in Western Australia :( None! It's so sad :( Me and my friend were really looking forward to seeing it after I told her how awesome the book was and showed her the preview ;) (which I have told her she must also read!)
So February can't come fast enough so I can buy the DVD and watch this!


*Couldn't write a review because I was too busy rolling on the floor laughing*.


A dream come true to see the book on film because the book is one of the few that I repeatedly reread.


Absolutely adorable, and all kinds of hilarious!


It's really gratifying to go to a movie of my choice with my husband and daughters and smile while my husband laughs out loud during the whole movie.


I have never laughed so hard in a movie theater in my life as I did when I watched Austenland. I left with a huge, ridiculous grin on my face.


I can't wait--it's a great movie.

Jo Darton

If Jane Austen is rolling in her grave about Austenland, it is with rollicking laughter.


No matter my mood, just thinking about Austenland makes me smile and laugh out loud -- an easy favorite!


I finally saw Austenland today!!! I am from Missouri and the movie was not released any where near where I lived. I was so disappointed. Well I arrived home to Utah yesterday to spend Christmas with my family. As soon as I saw it was still in theaters I had to see it. It did not dissapoint! My sister and I had tears streaming down our faces from laughter the entire time! Thank you for such an entertaining and swoon worthy girls night! You are fabulous!

Missy Van Wagoner

I loved the movie! Hilarious and immediate smile and laughter when i think of my favorite parts!


Though different from the book in some ways, the movie was fun and enjoyable and just as lovable! I am so excited for the DVD release, but glad it is still out in theaters so others can laugh and fall in love with it, too.


I was hoping this would come out before Christmas too. I wanted to give it to my mom for Christmas because she was too sick to go see it in the theaters. Unfortunately, she passed away earlier this month. She was a huge fan of yours and among so much grief and other regrets, I'm also sad she never got to see Austenland. But for sure my sisters and I will watch it together and think of her. She'd want us to laugh together!

Michelle Douglas

Austenland has such outrageously funny characters and dialogue! So hilarious that I look forward to sharing the DVD with my dad and boyfriend, too--and of course, every woman in my life who ever loved an Austen movie/book.


I literally laughed til I cried (both times)!


Clearly made by fans who are not afraid of either the hilarity or the seriousness of being an Janeite. My buddy and I, both male, both great admirers of Jane Austen, laughed enthusiastically many times!

Amy F

As a group, we walked out from seeing Austenland with big smiles on our faces- and it wasn't from the chocolate we sneaked in...well that helped too.

Sarah Boucher

Will there be a film on Midnight in Austenland?


Giggle-enducing long after the credits stop rolling.


You'll love the staff lounge!


I adore Austenland the book! I was worried about the adaption to a movie. The first 2 times I saw it I was disappointed. The third time I watched it, I made myself forget the book and watch just what was there. That made a big difference; now I am passionate about Austenland the movie!
Happy Valentines to me ! ! !

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