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November 11, 2013



Thank YOU Shannon for writing!!! Can't wait for Dangerous to come out! :) Everything I've read by you I've loved. :) Love the pumpkins.


Gorgeous! I wish I could turn pumpkins into an art form! But as I cannot, I can at least read your books, Shannon - which I have to say are perfectly lovely, whether carved onto a pumpkin, or no.


So irritated by the Viagra posts. Robots. Blech.


So excited for Dangerous!!!!!!!!!!


Awesome pumpkins! My pumpkin carving abilities are limited to the fine craft of turning pumpkins to mush. Soooo excited for Dangerous! I love getting spellbound in your books!

Okay, this doesn't have anything to do with the post but...
I just finished reading Enna Burning (again) and today in S.S. we listened to the ever patriotic World War I song "Over There". I could just imagine Enna, Finn, and Razo howling with laughter, then suddenly stopping when realizing it was not that funny. Sorry, but war+over there+Enna Burning=extreme book connection moment!

Tuscan Pie

I hate people who know how to carve pumpkins:)) Mine's have in the best case a mouth and two holes as eyes;))


I carved a literary pumpkin this year. It was the cover of The Darkest Minds. I was really pleased with how it turned out. I think it might have been the only pumpkin I ever carved without my brother doing all the work...

Mike Bisking

My Granddaughter loves to sit down and read a book the old fashion way. I want so bad to get her the book "The Tale of Two Sisters" from the Ever After High series. But I'm understanding she needs a Nook then electronically ordering it. I sometimes regret that the world is not the same one I grew up in. Christmas was more meaningful and about family. Now you can't even buy a book that my granddaughter really (who is 10 years of age) wants to read so bad she is jumping up and down asking me, Pappy can you get it, can you! can you! This really breaks my heart badly. She is a one hit wonder and the only one I have. I don't have a lot of money but am willing to work and bust my butt to get her the things she wants. Thank you for making her enjoy reading, I feel this is the right step for her entering into college someday. My name is Mike Bisking, my email is biskingcleaners@yahoo.com, and my phone is 717-371-4208. If any one can help I would appreciate it. Thank You.

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