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October 02, 2013



You are living my dream...to see a story I wrote come alive on the big screen. How fun! So excited for the movie's success (I've seen it twice) and LOVE the picture of you.


That has got to be amazing to be part of all that! How fun!!
Love the picture also! And love the movie and the book both!
Congratulations again!!


Wow-- how awesome! Congratulations, Shannon!

Liz Lemon

I love the picture!!!


Austenlove is an enduring love.


Where can I see this movie!


will it ever come out on dvd so that I can buy it?

Becky Shillington

Austenland finally came to the Charlotte, NC area and I got to see it! It was wonderful--such a fun, funny movie! = ) Congratulations!!!

Carol Nicolas

To really go to Austenland would be amazing. Thanks for a delightful book and a funny movie. I thoroughly enjoyed both.

Paula Perkins

I adore the movie, which surprised me because it is so different from the book, which I loved so much. Thanks to you and
Jerusha for your combined genius!


That's amazing, and I love the book, and the movie. I can't wait to buy it on dvd.


Austenland introduced me to Jane Austen and her books, and I'm so glad that it did because I love them! Sadly, I've yet to find a person my age who is an Austen fan (or even knows who she is), but until then I am currently reading Mansfield Park and will soon be watching the BBC (a.k.a. Colin Firth) adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, and of course watching Austenland ;) (My friend saw it and said it was hilarious even though she's not an Austen fan.)
I'm so happy for all the success Austenland has received, congratulations to you and thanks for introducing me to the world of Jane Austen!


I've dragged my friends to this movie three times and are going again for our 4th this weekend. I really hope this movie does well. It really is my favorite romantic comedy since While You Were Sleeping (while different the rewatch-ability is the same). If you are reading this and have not yet seen it, go and go again!

And Shannon? If you are reading this, thanks for embracing your geekiness and creating a bridge into a world that most of us could only dream of entering. It was a lovely jaunt through a life long obsession and one I'll not soon forget!

When is the movie available for pre-order?


Shannon words cannot say how much I loved Austenland. I've already been to see it twice and can't wait for the DVD. Everything about the book and movie adaptation was perfect. I've read everything (and own most of it) you've ever written and can't wait for Ever After High. Congrats on your well deserved success! Love from a super fan, Andrea


I have seen it twice in theaters and plan to go again. I love this movie as I loved the story when I read it as well. My sister has read both Austenland and Midnight in Austenland since seeing it.

Magnificent work.

Lindsay D

My husband and I went to see Austenland for my birthday last month, and we were both pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed it. He usually only tolerates my chick flicks, but he laughed more in Austenland than in most of the comedies we see. From the previews and Ms. Hess's other work, I was afraid it was going to be too awkwardly campy for me to enjoy it, but the campy-ness was not overdone, and the feel of the whole thing was just very fun. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

I let out a squee when I saw JJ Field wore Colin Firth's costume--how on earth did you wrangle that?? I would be interested to know.

Anyway, lovely job. How wonderful for you to have such an experience!


Shut. Up. THE actual coat Colin Firth wore? In the chance of sounding stalkerish, I'll tone it down, but "THE ACTUAL COAT COLIN FIRTH WORE?" I think I would die. That is SO cool!

And I love your picture, too. What an incredible experience!

Jen Heninger

Just so you know, I have 5 sisters and we are all pretty much anglophiles...Shannon, I feel I know you as I LOVE your writing, your humour, your spunk. THANK YOU for writing books that our children can read, and THANK YOU for loving Mr.D as played by CF...I haven't seen the movie yet...I'm in Alberta, Canada and can't seem to find anyplace it is airing, though with the Mormon population you'd think it's be playing in every theatre...however, I just want you to know that you have at least 20 adoring fans-- some old some young-- here in southern Alberta and we eagerly await the making of "Midnight" into a film...or at least another book...Jen


I can't wait for it to come out on DVD!:)


The first time I read Austenland I wanted to live it. And my friends and I absolutely loved the movie. Please, please make a real Austenland happen. Pretty please!


On Tuesday my roommate and I went to this movie...and we loved it! Tonight we made the other 4 roommates come.....and they loved it! This is the funniest, most delightful movie ever. I think it's the first movie I've gone to the theater multiple times for. I'll probably end up going again...like, tomorrow.

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