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October 16, 2013



Thank you thank you thank you for posting! This just made my day (especially since my math class was just giving me a headache)! Looks like so much fun! You, the displays, your books, and the food... it all looks divine. :)


Ok, ok, this is all well and good (actually it's amazing but that's beside the point), but what you don't understand is that I 100% need to know what was inside that chocolate cube. Please :)


I have my copy of Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends. So excited to read it. So, what was IN the chocolate cube?


... She chortled in her joy...

Yes, I read a poem once. Congratulations on the best seller list!


I want to read Ever After High.....


My English teacher knows you're my favorite author, so she told me you were going to be in Houston and she'd look up when. She said excitedly "She'll be at the Tweens Read thingy tomorrow!!" (I love my English teacher). I was in the school library crying because I was at a church camp all that weekend so I couldn't go :( I won't miss you next time!!


O my goodness two of my favorite authors of all time dancing in the same video together,Someone pintch me!!!

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