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October 08, 2013



You crack me up. This is how you take a break. :)

I read the teaser stories on Amazon and they're great. The premise is wonderful and, like you said, delightfully awkward--especially for Raven.


I can't wait to read this one! I m so excited for you!


Oh my goodness. Dean's helping with 2 and 3?! YESSSSSS.

I mean, I'm excited about you, too, but DEAN!


I ordered it yesterday! It will be a read aloud at bedtime with my children. Your future is bright! Congratulations on all your success.


I want so bad to read this...


I saw book two show up in my amazon recommendations a few days ago, and it made me pretty excited that there will be at least two books from you I can look forward to next year.


Aaaaaaa another one YES- I mean of course we want you to have a break...but that would mean no more books for a while... and we're just not that selfless.


My nine-year-old has been telling all her friends about Ever After High! She's so excited to read it.

Tiffany L.

I just read the first chapter at the bookstore and was hooked! I'm always a bit skeptical of commercial fiction. I've read one-too-many flimsy Lego books to my kids, the kind with the non-existent plot and bad dialogue. But I knew if it had your name on the cover it was going to be stellar. I was right!

Carol Nicolas

I love fairy tale retellings. I can hardly wait to read this one!


I'm a big EAH fan and your book was excellent! It fits perfectly in with the world we've been introduced to already through the webisodes and doll bookmark diaries. With Monster High, Mattel didn't have Lisi Harrison mesh her work with their established universe and her books were a flop, at least with the older collecting community. But everyone I know that has read your book has loved it. Thanks for working so hard to give us something enjoyable that also fits into the world we've come to love. My only suggestion? More Lizzie Hearts!

Jen Heninger

So I just ordered it off amazon...even though Christmas is only 2 months away. I never wait for your books! You make me want to write write write!!! (And read)

Jen Heninger

PS-- come to Alberta.

Jessica B.

I love that you have a blog! It makes you seem less like an unfathomable paragon and more like a living breathing person. It makes me love your books even more!
And I know this is highly off topic- but I have a Goose Girl question. What did Geric think of Selia before he met Isi/Ani in the pasture and did his opinion of Selia change after he met her?


You can't take a BREAK; what would we all DO??? :)

That's a fun story, and I'm glad it happened to you, and I hope that you don't regret it in the full swing of signings and being away from home! You bring so much joy where you go!

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