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September 17, 2013


Samantha Chaffin

Hooray!! This is so great, and I cannot wait to read "Bouncing the Grinning Goat". What an awesome thing to be part of! :) Congrats!


Love this anthology! Including your story! Here's my review: http://www.sonderbooks.com/Childrens_Fiction/other_worlds.html

Genevieve Ford

It's a lively and funny story and the rest of the collection (which I haven't gotten to yet) looks phenomenal!


I saw Rick Riordan post this on his twitter yesterday -- his story was free to read, and yours was too. (He only mentioned his being free, then I noticed it kept scrolling, and there yours was...) I'm not sure if this is normal or not (two? especially bigger name authors?), but I wanted to say I enjoyed them a lot. :)

This is a great campaign, and the stories are just short enough not to scare casual readers off. Off to buy the whole book! :D Even if I'm not a guy ( ;) ), this is a great way to introduce me quickly to other similar writers.


Just read Bouncing the Grinning Goat. Loved it! My favorite part was the names. You can't get much cooler than Spark.


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Tracey Adair

I just wanted to let you know that our whole family (6 boys and 2 girls) love Princess Academy and The Goose Girl.

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