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September 30, 2013


Ellen Mager

Shannon, Didn't know if you got the message I set. I would love to have you here at Booktenders' Secret Garden when you are in Philly! If not possible, maybe dinner?

Amy F

Too bad Seattle isn't on the list. I find it a testament to your strength and appeal that you are the sole female author for the Magic of Storytelling. Hope you have a great tour.


::Strains:: If I stretch really hard, I'll be able to see you from over here in Ireland, right? ::hopeful grin::

Lauren McGregor

Eagerly anticipating your return to Michigan! (Or any neighboring state haha) I'll never forget skipping school 8 years ago to see you in Rochester, MI. Highlight of my life :)


Mrs. Nelson's is my childhood bookstore! I'm sending the info to my family. Maybe you'll get to meet MORE of us! I'm not sure if they would come in costume, though ;)


Have you ever thought about visiting a Canadian bookstore?


Shannon, is the tour in Philly bookstore a signing and/ or a talk as well?


Come to Arizona again! Please!

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