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August 20, 2013



I was so disheartened to read that NYT review, but it wouldn't stop me from seeing it. Right now, however, I just have to wait till it arrives in my city. Come on, already!


I was reading the reviews and getting pretty upset then I realized I NEVER read movie reviews. I use the fandango app on my phone to look up movie times and it will show what fans are saying and Austenland is a "must go"! I am so excited to go see it again on Friday and am getting a big group to go see it with!

Emily G

I was sad when I read the NYT review as well. I consider myself a well ready mildly intelligent woman and when I saw Austenland at Sundance I laughed so very hard. Chin up...people who like to laugh will enjoy it.


I saw Austenland at the Sundance Festival screening with my husband, sister, and mother-in-law. The consensus of all (including the hubby) was that it is hilarious and well-worth the price of admission. Go see this movie. Love it. Can't wait to own it on blu-ray.


NYT? Are you kidding me? They only like dark depressing movies in which nobody does anything. Their idea of an ideal romantic leading man is Woody Allen (gag). I can't wait to see Austenland in Portland!


I saw it at the Arclight on Saturday afternoon -- it was pretty sparse, but hey, it's Saturday afternoon, I wanted to avoid the crowds in Hollywood!

However -- everyone was laughing during the whole thing, and it was adorable. Keri Russell is PERFECT as Jane, and oh my gosh, I need to go see every movie with JJ Feild. My friend who saw it with me thought he looked like Tom Hiddleston. ;) They were perfect together!

I think the thing that stood out to me the most (personally) was the fact that even despite the changes from the book (which of course I would have enjoyed seeing), I still loved the movie so much and the changes made sense for the big screen. :)

I don't remember what Captain East was like in the book, but I LOVED him, hahah. And the music/video during the CREDITS! Bahahah. A+. I can say this is one movie I do want to buy on DVD, to watch over and over. It's going in the stable of movies I would watch when I'm in the mood for P&P/romance/Darcy feels. :)

Huzzah! :D

Becky Shillington

I can't wait to see this movie, Shannon! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will play in the Charlotte, NC area SOON! Don't let the critics get you down--I have read many wonderful comments from folks who have seen it, and it is THEIR opinions that really matter, not those of paid critics. In the meantime, I am going to read your funny, endearing novel yet again! = )


Salon had a great review.


Saw the movie in SLC a couple weeks ago. I was sure it would be good, but it was so much better than I even expected it would be!! At one point during the movie, a woman sitting behind me said to her companion, "We need subtitles, because we're laughing so hard, we can't hear the line that comes next!" Austenland makes me happy. I have tickets to see it twice more in the next week. When can I buy the DVD? ;-)

Sheena-kay Graham

The 2013 Hansel and Gretel movie got a lot of negative reviews and I still went to the movies and loved it. Critics don't get the final say on how good a film is if you decide for yourself. Congrats on your book getting adapted to a movie and released. Hopefully it will get to Jamaica.


It seems that the less critics like a movie, the more likely my mom and I WILL like it. As soon as it comes to our city my mom and I are going to go see it! We are excited for it!


Looking through the list of cities and I found one right near me! So excited to finally see it!

Louisiana Kid

No! Is it not playing in Louisiana anymore?


I got my tickets for Saturday night for a girls night! (And then it sounds like I will have to take my husband later.) It is an added bonus that you will be there as well. :) Can't wait!


Saw it at sundance (o-town woot woot!) and CANNOT WAIT to see it again. and i am a movie snob! so there!


I'm seeing it on Friday! Can't wait!


Can you come to Idaho and do the same thing?? I wish I could be there in SLC to see it and attend your Q&A but I'm 5 hours away with 4 young children. Can't wait to see it eventually.


I saw it in LA last weekend...nearly full theater...everyone laughing. Loved it!


When I saw it my face literally hurt from smiling so large for the entire movie. It was a brilliant adaptation, and an amazing movie! I don't know what the New York Times is talking about, because in the full NYC theater that I was in people were erupting in laughter every few minuets.


Waiting anxiously (along with several friends) for "Austenland" to come to Seattle. Looking forward to seeing this and enjoying a clean movie. Loved the book, and expect to love the movie as well. Don't pay attention to the NYT. If a film isn't artsy, pretentious, violent or deviant it's not worth their time. On the other hand, there is a large population looking for films that don't fit those criteria.


Critics didn't like Star Wars either. :D
Even though my husband played Mr. Bennett in a high school play, my effusions about Austenland brought to film didn't seem to interest him . . . until he saw the preview!

Holly Degn

The New York times reviewer must be utterly without a sense of humor. Austenland was one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. I loved it! Who cares about the NYT!


What?! Why is this not coming to Provo?? Our Book Club wants to go see it together!


My sister and I couldn't stop giggling! We had such an amazing time. It's our new favorite movie. The perfect thing when one is in the mood for Austen, but not Austen, if that makes any sense.


I absolutely loved the movie! I laughed from start to finish. Thank you so much for making this movie. I've dreamed of seeing on screen since the second I opened the cover and read, "To: Collin Firth: You're a really great guy, but I'm married and so I think we should just be friends." I loved the book and adored the movie. I bragged to my girl friends at our movie party that I was lucky enough to meet you and even got my picture on my blog with a tee-shirt memorializing "Boy Friend #7: Juan Inskeep: gay." Please keep writing more like this and whenever possible, bring them to life on the screen. Can't wait for the DVD so I can watch around the clock. Amazing!!

Rae R

Loved the books, and loved the movie! Impatiently waiting for the DVD. Guess I'll have to go see it in the theatre again! :D

Shannon Costello

Had SUCH fun watching Austenland....immediately went to the bookstore to purchase the book for a re-read. Delightful!


I just returned from the opening night in Seattle. My teenaged daughter and her friend and I all loved it (along with everyone else in the theater). Even though things were not exactly like the book, the spirit of the characters and story were well preserved. Many scenes felt like a sneak peek into intervals that might have been edited out of the novel. Also, you could tell everyone had a blast making it!


I can't wait to see Austenland when it comes to Australia! Ignore the reviews, most critics have no idea what movies people will really enjoy watching. Personally I can't wait to see James Callis in this film, brilliant actor! I have two requests, that you immediately start filming Midnight in Austenland & that they put as many 'behind the scenes' and 'bloopers' on the Austenland DVD as they can fit when it is released!


it was so funny shannon. it just came to minneapolis. it's the most underrated movie of the year. our whole theater was laughing hysterical and at one point i had tears in my eyes for laughing so hard. it was a fabulous adaption. i think the world is looking for gritty oscar performances and they don't know how to grade a fun chick flick. bravo -- it was amazing and i can't wait to see it again. xooox, marla


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I saw the movie in St. George today! I LOVED it!!!! I haven't been to a full-price theater in years (probably 6+) because there is nothing that I am willing to pay that much for. This movie was so worth the money! After it was over I wished I could sit through the next showing as well. It was so funny! My sister and I were laughing so hard. Everyone in the theater was laughing so hard- not just little chuckles, but full out laughing! That never happens! At the end people even clapped! The casting was perfect. The whole show was so great. You are as brilliant of a screenwriter/producer as you are a novelist.


Hi! I want to see Austenland SO BADLY--it will be released on DVD, right??


This was so good! I took my daughter and her friend for her 16 th birthday. As an obsessed Austenite I wasn't sure if it could live up to ,y expectations. We loved it and laughed throughout. I'm definitely buying the DVD. What's more, I found it to be a great bonding experience with my daughter - we've shred lines and giggles about the movie for days!

andrene bresnan

I saw it twice last weekend - with my husband. I'll be seeing it again tonight with my daughter. Fun movie with an extra layer of fun for those that are well read. ;)

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