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August 15, 2013


Russell Arben Fox

Shannon, if we didn't live in a city that suffers from a complete cinematic monopoly (Warren Theaters), my wife and I would be rounding up our friends and heading out to the theater right now! But unfortunately for us, we have to see what we can do when the nearest showing of the film looks to be either Kansas City or Tulsa....

Zena Parks

Cannot wait to see this movie (Or City of Bones, for that matter)! Go chick movies!


Cantera 17, Warrenville IL, here I come!


I'm thinking of going in costume. I have a male friend who ADORES Admiral Nelson and even wore a complete early 19c naval uniform for his wedding. So he and his lovely wife, who wore empire line dress for the wedding, should be up for it. I have the long gloves but not the dress...
Omg, thinking about it, we even have a proper Listed-Building Assembly Room here in Shrewsbury, I wonder..?

I am in the UK so won't get it for a little while yet. ( there's still time to plot and plan!)


I'm lucky to be close to one of the cities where it will be in theaters! Wahoo! Maybe I can organize a girls' night out :) Congrats on the film, Shannon!

Kathryn Cooper

Austenland is coming to Texas!! Yay! I will be there!! Dallas or Plano, whichever is closer.


Shannon I think you are great! I am already getting a group together to go see it when it comes to Scottsdale next weekend!!


*standing slow clap*

Amelia Loken

Unfotunately, Little Rock, Arkansas is too small a city to be on the list. So frustrating. I have a whole gang of girls ready to go. We just don't want to drive 3 hours to Memphis. :(

Michelle Merrill

Oh, I'm taking my man! He loved the book too :) Can't wait to see it!


They really should collect zipcodes to see how far people are willing to travel to see it!


Amen Sister! My friends and I were severely disappointed when we could not find any showings in Oregon as of yet. Will there be some down the road or is there anything we can do to make that happen?

Melanie A. Nichols

I have to say that I love Austenland and I'm dying to see it (I'm hoping it'll make it's way up to Alaska!), but without wanting to sound rude, I don't agree with this post. I don't mean this as a criticism. I read this post and really wanted to take a moment to look at it from a different angle.

In essence, you're saying that Hollywood ignores or downgrades movies that are female centric, yet you're pleading with us to see it because of that reason. It seems a bit hypocritical. If the issue is sexism, the answer isn't to do the same in reverse.

You ask us to go see your movie and City of Bones, not because they have compelling plots, they're entertaining, or well made. You ask us to go because they're about women and written by women. I will go see your movie, because I loved Austenland. I've read it a half dozen times and still love every last word of it, including the sequel (when Midnight in Austenland came out I read it twice in one month). I won't go see City of Bone, because I hated the book--not because it was written by a woman, but because I didn't like the main characters and couldn't stomach the love story.

I don't want this to sound overly critical, but as a woman I dislike the "girl power!" attitude. It shouldn't matter the gender of the actors, characters, writers, directors, etc. I am a woman. It's a huge part of who I am and I love being one, but it rankles to be compartmentalized by my gender for good or bad. I'm publishing my first novel in the next few months and I don't want people buying it because they want to read something from a female author. I want readers who enjoy the product.

Laree @ Ever Heard Of Euless

woohoo! I didn't know it was opening in that many cities. It will be a bit of a drive, but at least possible for me to see it now! Can't wait for Sept 6!

Ani Brooke

Thanks for posting that list - I may have to wait till September 13, but at least I don't have to drive twelve/eight/four hours to see the movie! (And those drive times aren't random - they're pretty exactly the distance I'd have to drive to see the movie on successive weeks prior to Sept 13).



I've had an eye on the movie for a while and IT'S COMING TO MY CITY! I'll be there. Thanks for the link.


I read this blog post and seriously thought you were promoting a romantic comedy about queer women, because what else could you possibly be describing when you write about it being estrogen-drenched and all about women and romantic and women and funny and women and women?

Then I looked it up and discovered that it's about a woman looking for her "perfect gentleman". And finding him, apparently, with a bit of a love triangle involving... another man.

Oh well. Maybe someday there will be a romantic comedy that's ACTUALLY all about women.

Meg A.

I so wish that I could see the movie! They aren't releasing it anywhere near where I live...Oh well, you can count on a DVD sale from me when it comes out!


I CAN't wait to see it! And I will be going to Austenland and City of Bones as well.


I saw this at Sundance and have very mixed feelings. On the one hand, I loved the book and want to support the author and other LDS women making things happen. On the other hand, I was quite dismayed by the crude humor and unnecessary innuendos that make it unlikely that I'll recommend it to friends. I was surprised that LDS moms created something that wasn't A of F 13 worthy.


Thus the ironic title of this blog post--I do feel it's a moral imperative to support things that are uplifting and of good report, but this unfortunately didn't make that list.

tegan :)

I wish wish WISH I could go see this movie, but unfortunately I live in Australia. I send mental support from afar!


I cannot wait to see this movie!!!!! Seriously, I am so excited. Sadly, I have to wait until September 13... it seems so far away


Halloo Shannon! I'm so excited, I'm going to see it Saturday afternoon at the Arclight in Hollywood -- sadly, that (playing at the arclight) didn't even show up on moviefone but I knew it was playing there, so... :(

I'm super excited to see it at the Arclight, I hope it plays at other places in LA too so I can take my friends again.

I wish I had some sort of t-shirt or costume or bonnet or something to wear to my showing, but alas...

Also, my dad was kind enough to tell me about a license plate he saw yesterday, perfect timing! "<3MRDRCY" ;)


Thanks for the city showings list. I was beginning to worry Austenland would never come out in my city. Now I know, I have another month to wait, but I will get to go see it!


I am excited to finally see this movie, but extremely disappointed that in your own home state it is only being released in one theater in Salt Lake. Does Sony not think you have a fan base outside of the capitol city? I'll make the long drive, of course. Just wish the execs at Sony have your Utah fans more credit.


I cant wait for either of those movies. Both books were fantastic!

Louisiana Kid

YES! Harahan! I'm so excited.


My entire book club is eagerly waiting for this movie to be released. But WHY aren't there more Utah theaters!? I mean, you are from Utah, you have a HUGE Utah fan base. Please tell Sony it is only in their best fiscal interest to send this movie to more Utah theaters. I'm sure they'll listen to you. :)


Just wanted to let you know, moving into college and I'm bringing Bayern with me. Every one.....Isi and Enna and Razo will be keeping Anne Shirley company :)


Anyone out there who's from Australia...Austenland is coming! Apparently sometime later this year, which is pretty vague, but I'm just so happy that it's coming here at all! :)


Austenland is coming out in Australia later this year! I'm so happy - i thought i was going to have to watch it online, which would give it absolutely no real support. So yay! :)


Saw this over the weekend in Los Angeles (with a pretty full theater at 9:30)...what fun! There were Darcy-swoon-worthy moments, and Jennifer Coolidge captured her character perfectly (think Mrs. Bennett in all her glory). I can't wait to see it again.


I CANNOT wait to see this movie!!! Hopefully it plays in our town! If not, all I have to do is drive 45 minutes to see it. Oh I'll do it! And I'll take all my girlfriends with me. It just looks too fun!!


I am excited to see it. Will it be going to smaller town theaters as well?

Tiffany L.

Send it on over to Minnesota! We're so excited to see this movie!!


I just bought tickets to the Salt Lake City Saturday night showing!! Yay!!! I've been anxiously anticipating when I'd be able to see this movie and my excitement has been magnified because you will be there! I've been a fan of yours for years and years! I will probably be starstruck seeing you in person, lol! Can't wait!

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Nichole Bailey

I was fortunate enough to see Austenland at Sundance and so pleased it was picked up. I could hardly wait to take my book group friends to see it on its release.
We just retuned from our decadent "girls afternoon movie day" (can I say it was great to know the kids were in school and not home trashing the kitchen?). Austenland did not disappoint! We had a bunch of giggles to talk about later. Loved the movie for the second time and I will see it again with my daughter this weekend. Tallyho!

Bev W.

saw it twice this week; once with the sisters and once with the hubby. It was enjoyed thoroughly by all! Thank you :) I was getting really sick of date night after date night of blow-em-up action/fightfests that just give me a migraine (not good for date night). Vote with your wallet!


shannon, i want you to know that i went to see this movie twice in as many weeks. the second time i brought a friend, and i've told as many people about it as i could. i loved it! (i live in LA--my mom is waiting in kansas to see it in a couple months, but i'm sure she'll go with a big group of friends) go austenland!

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