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August 06, 2013


Zena Parks

Sigh. I seriously cannot wait to see this movie.


Tickets aren't on sale yet in LA, and I'm DYING. *can't wait*


Bret you've got it going on!
The scene in North Anger when he wipes the mud from her cheek is the BEST!


From the WSJ article: "The studio is also using the social-network Pinterest, creating a series of boards, including a Colin Firth appreciation board [the actor played Mr. Darcy in the 1995 "Pride and Prejudice" miniseries] and another on Austen-themed crafts."

Do you happen to know the links to the Austenland-themed Pinterest boards?


Did you know that Bret McKenzie is also famous for playing "Figwit," the dark-haired elf in LOTR? See this fan website: figwit lives dot net. He is known as "Lindir" in the new Hobbit trilogy.


It's so funny to me that JJ Feild played Henry Tilney (MY Austen-hero crush) AND the Mr. Darcy-esque character in a film about Mr. Darcy obsessives (who seem to be everyone else except me). I always want to see more Henry Tilney love from the world! It's like I'm the only one who noticed that he's like the only of Austen's heroes who has a sense of humor! Well anyhoo...


It's dangerous posting a Conchords video...can't stop with just one. :)


Um, the JJ Field one seems to be blocked in the US. :/ I just tried playing it, and it won't let me watch due to 'copyright issues'.


@ rockinlibrarian: Mr. T is my favorite as well!


Loved it, loved it. Can't wait to watch again and again! http://www.cinemit.com/article/interview-jj-feild-talks-about-austenland-and-why-he-loves-cinematic-experience-seeing-movie

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