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July 26, 2013



Thank you, Shannon (and Ani too!)-- I've had an unforgettable month!


*sigh* The end...Thank you so much, Ms. Hale, for giving me this wonderful adventure in reading. All of the insight you gave made me love The Goose Girl so much more than I already did.


It really is my favorite of all your books. The Princess Academies, Rapunzel's Revenge, they're wonderful, but something about Goose Girl, just strikes home, and I think that's true for allot of people, not just me.


I can't get over how much I love The Goose Girl every single time I read it. This time, it was extra fun having your comments to refer to, and extra fun reading it slowly. (Usually I can't help but devour it.)

Heather Hejduk

Thank you so much!


Oh please oh please oh please let there be another Book of Bayern...it would be awful if the series was done. I'd love to know what happens to Enna, Finn, Ani, Tusken, Geric, Rin, Razo, Dasha, Conrad, Napralina-Victery, and all of those dear characters.


Thanks so much for doing this, Shannon! I've loved reading these posts all month.


This has been absolutely great. Thank you!

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