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July 18, 2013



So interesting that you mention Marie Antoinette! I watched a program about her once on PBS and was stunned to hear how she had to forsake everything that was Austrian before she entered French territory. It seemed as though she was leaving her entire identity behind, and that horrified me. Love that you're revealing some historical facts that can connect to the story! P.S. Thanks for answering all of my questions! There's nothing like getting advice from a talented author such as yourself. :)


After reading Enna Burning and finding out there is a balance that is needed, I always assumed that Isi's aunt was over-balanced by her animal speaking. However since you never intended to write Enna Burning and being out of balance probably wasn't in your plan for her aunt when you wrote Goose Girl, so I guess my question is: What killed Isi's aunt?


How did Ani's mother survive so long being out of balance?

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