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June 10, 2013


Faith E. Hough

Quite an exciting To-do list! I'm really looking forward to the SciFi book, especially!
I had to pipe in regarding your last paragraph. I get the "how do you write when you have little kids?" question all the time, too. Probably like you, I actually find that having children helps me focus. Unlike my childless writing friends, I don't have much free time, which forces me to make the best use of what time I have. I know, for a fact, that 6-7:30 a.m. might be the only time in the day I have to write--so I grab it. Before I had kids, I lied to myself all the time: "Oh, you can get to that writing stuff whenever. Organizing the pantry is SO much more important right now." And that's the second thing: learn to live with a cluttered pantry! ;)

Laura Z M

This is too much for my brain to process. How do you keep the stories straight? How do you prevent Miri from wandering onto Pembrook Park? Or Maisie from flirting with Prince Charming's son? Or the twins from toddling into Danland?


Are you still doing Goose Girl summer book club?


I'm about to be a freshman in high school, and I'm writing all the time, if not every day than at least every other day. I write fan fiction and short stories, and read as well. I was just wondering, is there anything else I could do to grow as a writer? What might you suggest?


I'm so excited for you and wowed by the amount you are able to write! I'm about to graduate in December and have no idea what to do with my English degree (besides Graduate school, which at the moment just makes me want to throw up :). I was wondering what the options are besides teaching English, if you know of any (journalism or anything else). I'm an aspiring writer, but, well, it'll have to stay on the side for now... Any advice would be great!

Zena Parks

I'm dying to see the movie. I've heard such great and wonderful things about it. I'm also really excited to read your upcoming books - they sound like a lot of fun :)
I'm looking forward to reading about how you carve out time for writing while being a full-time mom. I've heard you speak about this before (yay for book signings and Writing For Charity), but it will be good to read the "whole" story. I agree with Faith H. Before my daughter was born, I wrote when everything else was done. Now I deal with dishes in the sink or a floor that needs to be vacuumed and MAKE the time to write (usually during naps...when I'm not catching a nap as well!).
The biggest help to my writing has been my husband. He helps keep me motivated by asking about what I wrote that day or texting to remind me to write. More than that, he helps me around the house taking certain nights for cooking dinner and attacking that dish pile with me so it takes half the time. I'm also motivated (and indebted to) my writing group. They keep me on-task and give me deadlines to meet.
Now, my big question for you is do you have time for any other hobbies? Are you crafty? Do you sing? Are you a hiker/runner? How do you incorporate another hobby on top of daily life and writing?

Sam @ DVR Recorder

Quite a list and hope you can finish them all within a year.


You go girl! I am so excited for all of these. You are quite the example for me as I am a high school student who hopes for a future as both a mom and a writer :)


Oh good!! You're still available for my birthday! ;-)


Can't wait to read all of these! How you can get it all done seriously astounds me.

Louisiana Kid

I have a question. My passion is opera and as a high school student I have to go to school in addition to studying my music. I'm supposed to practice a minimum of 9 hours a week. I also run cross country and sometimes it gets hard to keep up with my school work. Any advice? Thank You.

Tara Creel

I am SO excited for the movie and for all your future books! Wow! I know you said that you have a few hours a day where you have a sitter for your kids and you are able to write, but what do you suggest for someone who can't pay for a sitter, but still needs that time? I try nap time and night time, but I feel like I'm always sacrificing something else, or time with someone else, to write. Which isn't always a bad thing, I love to write, but just wanted to know your thoughts on this. Thanks!

Carolina C.

Hi Shannon!
I'm a huge fan of all of your books, and I'm really happy about your exciting news! Congrats:)
I really want to meet you! You've been one of my favorite authors for a really long time. I remember reading the Goose Girl, and just feeling so connected to a character. I've loved all of your other books as well. However, I live in Chicago, and I know you don't travel much. I come out to the Idaho/Utah area in the summer with my family to visit extended family. If I'm in the area, I want to meet to. Any chance that you'll do a signing or meet and greet sometime in July?
Crossing my fingers! (I mean, I will have driven over 2,000 miles too, so I hope it works out.)
Love you Shannon!


I'm so excited I think my heart will stop. There's a lot to look forward to in the next few years and I cannot wait!


My questions are probably all too personal to answer online, but these are the things I truly wonder about, as I'm trying to balance this writing/motherhood thing myself.
-Do you have a hired housecleaner?
-Does your husband have a full time job?
-Do you have paid gardeners?
-Do you cook breakfast and dinner or does your husband?
-Do you work out?
-Do you write just during your babysitting time or do you write at night/early morning as well?
Those are my honest questions!


One more question:
How much time do you spend writing compared to promoting, blogging, doing school visits, twitter, etc.?


I'll eagerly look forward to your next post! Do you have any tips for how to make the most of 30 minute or so increments to write? I found that writing with a good old fashioned notebook helps (no temptation to steal even a minute online) but often feel like I am *just* getting into the writing zone when my time is up. This. Story. Is. Going. To. Take. Forever. To. Finish. Argh! Does it get easier to write in these increments? Either I am starting to write in my head a bit while watching the kids (therefore theoretically able to write things down faster when I actually have time to write, though everything still seems slow) or perhaps this is just a sign of going crazy. Any tips you can offer on how to make the most of mini writing sessions would be so helpful. Thank you!


I have been trying to right a book for the last two years! But school keeps getting in the way I don't know how you manage writing books while being a mother.

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