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May 13, 2013


Donna K. Weaver

*sigh* Yeah. No such thing as "being in" just because you're the amazing Shannon Hale.

Was it a form rejection or did they give some input on why? I know that's something we all wish, but you've already established your writing ability. It begs the question of why the story didn't fit. Right?

Shannon Costello

Does that mean you will post it here so we can read it?

Amelia Loken

Awww!I'm so sorry you had to experience the reject though.
But thank you soooo much for sharing with us unpublished folk. It truly gives hope!!!


Wow. Do the rest of us have a chance if yours got rejected. Amazing.


Some day you'll have to convince someone publish a volume of your short stories. I'm pretty sure I'd love to read them. :)


Thanks. While I think it was silly of them to reject you, I think I needed the reminder that I still have a shot!


Thanks so much for being willing to share that with us blog readers. It's a great example of how to turn a seemingly negative thing into something positive and helpful. I've also made a goal this week to send out a new batch of query letters, and this helps fortify me for the coming battle with discouragement :-)

sharon himsl

Sigh. It's what most writers have always known. It's all about writing a 'good' story in the end. Hard to believe though with your high success rate (bet it just needs a few tweaks here and there). Hi, saw you over at Kim's blog and linked to this post. Good post!


Lol! I can't believe it! That totally stinks!


That person was either a)sleep deprived b)having a really bad day or c)crazy. That's awesome you're writing science fiction! Hopefully we'll get to read it someday. :)


Well don't worrry, nothing written by you could ever be rejected enough that we wouldn't want to read it. I can honestly say we would all be ecstatic for any ranodom snippet you care to share with us:)


Thank you for sharing this. I think you should publish the story on your blog, cause I'd LOVE to read it1

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