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May 22, 2013


Little Willow

You crack me up.

Lori Folkman

Hilarious. I'm especially excited for "Doug." But I hope you checked with your legal department before you defaced your classic covers. We don't need you getting tied up in a time-consuming lawsuit when you have all those books to write. ;)

Lily Gaines

Haha, you are hilarious :D Yay! Another Princess Academy book!


YES! I can't believe, after all these years, Revenge of the Mountain Goats is finally happening!

Anne Holman

Mountain goats! Yes!


Hahahaha! I started scrolling through the covers before reading the text. As I'm scrolling I'm thinking "Fists of Satin?" Okay...Vampires? Really? Hasn't that been (over)done? But okay... Ross and Rachel??? What?? Must go back and read text before continuing! I'm excited for one more!

Airship Librarian

This was awesome. I can't wait for the third!

Ginger J

I almost snarfed my Skittles when I got to PRINCESS ACADEMY: LASER EYES!


I think Revenge of the Moutain Goats sounds pretty interesting...

melissa @ 1lbr

I was so excited when I read about the third book being published! But, I'm thinking the new title should be Revenge of the Mountain Goats. Who wouldn't read that?


We love Friends! Can't wait!


Oh my goodness! These are so funny!


You're making me giggle way too hard.


HaHa! I love the friends reference!


So excited for the new book! The original will always hold a special place in my heart but I can't wait for Miri's story to progress! And those titles are hilarious! :)

Ani Brooke

I think the third book is officially "Revenge of the Mountain Goats" until further notice. Hey, Veronica Roth called her 3rd book "Detergent" till it had a real title; JK Rowling almost chose to temporarily run with "Harry Potter and the Pillar of Storgé" for the 6th book. Ridiculous working titles FTW!


I'm so excited for "Revenge of the Mountain Goats". The One (see what I did there?) with Rachael and Ross was the best... :)


Hahahaha! I saw "Fists of Satin" before I read your post and was like... "What the crap???"


Woah, mad editing skills Shannon.
Seriously though, this is awesome!


I keep reading Fists of Satan instead of satin. And I'm bummed we won't actually get to see Revenge of the Mountain Goats.


Can't wait! You should set the quarry songs to music and release them in an album called "Revenge of the Mountain Goats."


*collapses in a ball and just shakes for five minutes because she physically can't do anything else before she bursts out laughing and then deteriorates again* -me right now.


Oh. My. Goodness.

At first I thought you were joking. The nicely photoshopped pictures confirmed it.

But. You're actually not. This is real. AHHHHHH! I hadn't anticipated another Princess Academy book so soon after Palace of Stone came out. In fact, I didn't think you'd write another one. Wow. I'm kind of speechless.

I love this whole deal of you having "burning questions" to answer for your characters :) I love revisiting the worlds of your books over again, whether it's Bayern or Danland. May you continue having burning questions...we'll always treasure your "answers"!

Definitely looking forward to this, Shannon! Good luck and don't stress yourself out!


Oh my gosh, you have no idea how amazing it has been: expecting only one book (granted, an amazing and skillfully written one but doesn't that just make you want more?) and then we got palace of stone, Which not only exceeded our expectations but was marvously different, and now we get another one, one that you have already admitted is going very well. I honestly don't know how to put this into words but I am screaming inside and probably squeeling outside too(in excitement of course, not horror) . I just cant believe this is really happening!


These are too hilarious. And the thing is, I would probably read a book called "Princess Academy: Fists of Satin."

So when can we preorder PA:DS (as I have officially dubbed it)?


Yes! Trilogy! Yay! More Miri! More Britta! More Peder! More quarries! More goats!
And...maybe more Timon?


Yes yes YES there is going to be a third Princess Academy book! Seriously was not expecting this.


Funny, deface those covers all you want. Please keep your markers off the Alison Jay covers. Does Doug get to go to Bayern as well?


I can't believe there's going to be a third! Yes! If only I didn't have to wait, and you could just mass produce stories to my liking because I love them so much.


I can hardly stand the wait for the Skin Harvest Har Har Good times.


I'm really excited for the third. Palace of Stone was on of those instances where the sequel to an initially stand-alone-novel is actually as good as (perhaps even better, I don't know) than the original.


Did you know that 53 people on Goodreads have added Fists of Satin to their to-read lists?


Lol I thought it said Fists of Satan not Satin..... Anyway I'm exteremely excited for the third book in the series!! I just discovered the first two books today and I'm in love!! (yes I have been holed up in my room all day being unsocial like I do whenever I read a good book) (this happens a lot)


I love that the third book has actually been added to Goodreads as "Fists of Satin."

Very excited!


Ms. Hale you are my favorite author. I'm so glad to hear about the new book. I personally always wondered what Enna and Isi's children would be like if they had the same talents as their mothers. Sorry I kind of skipped to a different series but there's an idea. Absolutely cannot wait to read the next adventures!

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