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March 25, 2013


Ashley R.

Congratulations! I will definitely have to get Calamity Jack soon!
Do you know how soon the big ones will be gone? Thanks!


I recently borrowed "Rapunzel's Revenge" from the library and it looked like it had been read in the tub. The hardcover held up really well and I loved reading a copy that had been so obviously enjoyed by others. <3

C baker

My niece literally started a book club around these books in the second grade. If she forgot to bring them in, there were problems.


I need desperately to invest in hardcover copies of both...I got the paperback of Rapunzel's Revenge when it first came out, and my younger siblings read it so much that the cover LITERALLY fell off of it.


I love these books. My 8 year-old and 6 year-old are obsessed with them and I'm so glad I bought both books in hardback! They're still in great shape (except the dust jackets which died a long time ago). :D


These are the two most fought over books in my classroom. A fight am happy to allow. Thank you!

Linda W

A smaller trim size sounds great. I hope that means you'll write another graphic novel soon.


I remember when I ordered them, I was surprised by the sizing of them, so they found a home in the "treasure chest:" a footlocker I keep all the other oddly sized books.


I thought graphic novels would be difficult for my girls (2 and 4 at the time) since neither could read yet. I thought they might have a hard time following along. But we tried Rapunzel's Revenge out anyway, and was I ever wrong! They both LOVE it. We read a few pages every night before bedtime . . . and have for months. And I've found that graphic novels keep their interest longer than any of the other hundreds of picture books we own. Thank you for trying out something new! We've since read Calamity Jack as well, and it was an instant hit. Definitely hardcovers for us, since we reread these daily. :D

A fun one you might check out if you haven't read it is Antler Boy and Other Stories by Jake Parker. It's a collection of short stories in graphic novel form. So much fun and another favorite of my girls. http://agent44.bigcartel.com/product/the-antler-boy-and-other-stories

Do you have a list of favorite graphic novels that are appropriate for younger readers?


I work as a librarian and just have to say "I concur. Hear, hear!" even though that is technically not a Rapunzel-esque thing to say.


Aww man, I came running to your site today and then I remembered you don't do April Fool's posts any more! Sad day!

Meredith B.

What can I say? The Book industry is quite literally the fastest-moving retail industry that there is. And for a wide variety of reasons, most graphic novels don't have a long window of time for an in-store presence, particularly in the Children's Department. I was seriously impressed that my store was Modeled to carry Rapunzel's Revenge continuously for three years-- it's a testimony to how well the book did do; I would normally have expected to carry that book for less than a year.

That said, most bookstores are perfectly delighted to special order a book for you! Some stores may request that you pay for the book before they order it, but larger stores are often able to order the book for you to look at before you decide if you want to purchase it.

And yes, please, order the hardcover, really-- the price difference between the hardcover and the paperback is literally about four dollars, and the paperbacks copies of graphic novels really don't stand up to continued re-reading; to make matters worse, graphic novels are often more likely to be re-read than novels, since you can read them more quickly, and because re-examining the illustrations offers a high level of value to visually-oriented readers (and frequent readers of graphic novels are generally speaking quite visually-oriented.)

So what I'm saying here is that the probability that you will regret spending four extra dollars to get the hardcover is very small.

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