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February 20, 2013



I'm really enjoying these! I'm an elementary education major and this is exactly what we are learning in my classes! I want to go to grad school to be a reading specialist because this is what I'm really interested in.


I enjoy reading these posts. They are very interesting, and I tutor elementary school kids so they are also helpful.

Guilty Mommy

Bless you! I'm dealing with this issue with my 1st grader and feeling heaps of guilt about it. I read to him, but I think he just HATES to read to me. Like water-boarding would be more fun. I need to help him enjoy it--right now it just feels like torture to him.


I have been volunteering in my son's second grade classroom and often I am assigned to read with kids one on one. This information, especially about comprehension and fluency, is so very helpful to me! It will really help me do a better job when working with the kids. The reading levels are so different from one student to the next that sometimes when I work with a more advanced reader I forget that they are still learning to read. I can't wait to go in to the classroom tomorrow and use some of these suggestions! Thanks!!


My first grader loves to read! Chapter books and picture books. She reads her favorites over and over. But she doesn't like me to read the chapter books to her, or read aloud. I don't know if I should be forcing our teamwork on this or just let her enjoy reading.

Ashley R.

These tips are so great. I will definitely use them later when I have children. :)


I'm an ELED major, and the more I learn, the more I realize how much really does go into reading and how important it is. I volunteer as a reading tutor at a couple of elementary schools, and I will definitely use these tips to help my students improve their fluency and comprehension!


This is going to be very useful for me thank you very much for posting

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