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November 28, 2012


Samantha Chaffin

OH MY FREAKING GOSH. I actually shrieked with joy when I read that last sentence of the first paragraph. I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! :D That is totally insane, and now I am off to finish Midnight in Austenland.


This is fantastic news!! I usually try to avoid Sundance but I'm going to try and get tickets.


So awesome! If I weren't states away, I'd find a sitter and be there. But as it is, I will just have to sit with bated breath for the theatrical debut. Congratulations!


Congrats! That is wonderful news!

Alysa (Ruby Diamond)

Yay! How wonderful! Totally going to try to get to Sundance... (we'll see about that).

Jenni Elyse

Yay! That's awesome! I hope it gets picked up by someone from Sundance so it can be shown in theaters!


Omgomgomgomgomg I've never been so happy to live in Salt Lake. Fingers crossed they show it at the Broadway downtown so I can skip the trip to Park City! Totes gonna be there either way!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow! I actually saw the Austenland/Sundance news mentioned in an article on Entertainment Weekly's website, so I came right over here to check it out! I've never been to Sundance - what a perfect excuse to brave it!!!
Congrats, Shannon!

Susan Kaye



Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to see it! (I'll find a way. :)


PS - If you COULD get tickets... might be a fun give away... if the person could get their own way to the theater... just a thought.



Ashley R.

Oh, this is so exciting! I will have to try and get tickets to Sundance! Sounds like a blast. :)

Heather Muir

I am so excited! I registered as a local for tickets today! So excited to get the chance to see this. Might have to be a freaking awesome girls night! BEST NEWS EVER!

Claire Wilson

...I think I might have just died about eight times over. And never in my whole entire life have I been gladder to live in Salt Lke City. Never never ever. This is the best thing I have heard all month!!!

Robin Weeks (@Robin_Weeks)

So cool! Congrats! I'll watch for pictures of you hanging with A-listers in Park City. :)


I'm so so excited I'm reposting this on my Facebook. If you need a hairstylist for the red carpet I'm there. Plus for sure going to the movie. I LOVE Sundance.


Yay yay yay! Very much hope this is a sign that soon Austenland will be in my local movie theater.


Oh! Shannon! I am so thrilled! I have already signed up to get tickets! It will be my little Christmas wish that I win the pick to get tickets!

Sarah J.

Hooray!!! So excited!


Congratulations, how wonderful!


And the book is going to be published in France in 2013 ! We are so happy about that ! Will you come to see us ???


Wow, wow, WOW!!! Congratulations, such exciting news! Oh please let it get picked up super fast and out in theaters right away, I'm so excited to see it!

Connie Onnie

Got so excited yesterday I forgot to comment, but HIP HIP HORRAY!!!!


So excited for you! That is enormously huge. Congrats.

Bonnie @  A Backwards Story

Congratulations, Shannon! That's great news! I hope AUSTENLAND is one of the critical darlings to come out of Sundance! <3


Congrats! Very happy for you!


Makes me sad I don't live in SLC anymore. Sad, sad days for me. This may be an obvious question, but what about just being able to rent it or buy it on DVD? I'd love the big screen, but I'll settle for getting to see it any way I can.




I'm so excited! I hope it comes out everywhere so I can see it too!

Malinda Crow

Yay!!! That is awesome news! I might just get tickets to see it at Sundance!




How do I get these tickets you have? I live on the Wasatch front and would love to go!

Miss Erin

This is HUGE. Massive. I'm so full of happiness for you!


hi. this has absolutely nothing to do w/ the post, but, congratulation!
so, at my school, we have to come in dressed like our favorite author,
and, like, you know talk about your books and stuff... any way, so i have some questions
for you can you please answer them? how can i contact you if i can? email? snail mail?
(i live in pennsylvania, so i don't know how long it would take to reach you)
please respond. thank you!!!
:0 i can't believe i found a site about yourself written by you.


please help me!
(that was supposed to b tears

Helen @ticketsnow

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Graham - Shot Stop

Hi Shannon, Hope you are well? Just been told the news, good luck at Sundance, hope film is well received!

Graham, the coffee van man on Austinland
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Graham - Shot Stop

Hi Shannon, Hope you are well? Just been told the news, good luck at Sundance, hope film is well received!

Graham, the coffee van man on Austinland
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