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October 11, 2012


Lori Folkman

How exciting! Can't wait!


Art like that makes me think "Wait, a real-life person can do that?!" So glad to hear that two fantastic artists get to team up for a work of awesomeness.


OOohhhhhhhhh, congratulations. She is really and truly one of my FAVORITE illustrators, and I can't wait to see this project come together! And another you and your honey project? Too cool!!


Oh, wow - those covers were amazing!! This book is going to be beautiful!

Janeil J.



Very exciting! Her artwork is beautiful. I can't wait!

wendy toliver

She is SO talented, a great partner for such a talented writing duo! Congratulations one and all!


Oh my gorgeous! I am so excited for this team!


She is very versatile for sure! Love her style! We have gotten Big Sister, Little Sister at the Library it was super cute!


How exciting! I've loved her work for awhile. I couldn't find it on her webpage, but I just got Vampirina Ballerina in at my library, and it so such a gorgeous book! http://www.amazon.com/Vampirina-Ballerina-Anne-Marie-Pace/dp/1423157532


ach. *it _is_ such

now I feel better.

Anne Holman

Love her ilustrations; this will be fun to watch!


EXCITEMENT!!! AAAAAAAAAAAGH I can't wait for it! I changed my mind. The worst part of books is not when it ends, it's waiting for it to come out.


*GASP* I'm so excited!!! I can't wait 'til 2014 though and her illistrations... I can't even. I suppose I'll wait but it will be on tinderhooks

Amelia Loken

Versatile is a wonderful word for her work. From the time you announced the project idea of "Princess in Black", I imagined a "Freckleface Strawberry" kinda artwork with lots of personality and movement. Soooo very exciting!

And I love it when two friends (or almost friends) get to work on a project together and become even better friends.

So. Very. Cool.

Zena Parks

What fun! She's IS an incredible artist - what a fun team the three of you make!

Ciera Horton

That's wonderful! She's a fabulous artist!

Ashley R.

She is really incredible! So excited for this to come out!


That's so cool! Her stuff is gorg and seems like she'll be great for the book. :D Which I TOTALLY can't wait for!

Kathryn Purdie

Wow, I'm amazed at how many different styles she can pull off! Very exciting, indeed! Congrats to all of you for getting the chance to work together.


I'm excited for these books because I have two daughters who will be just the perfect age! Thanks Shannon. THE GOOSE GIRL is their favorite read-aloud book, we've read it ten times or more. They call it the Princess Ani book. But now they'll have some books they can read themselves!

So excited!

Linda W

Wonderful news!


Wow! Can't wait!


OH! I just HATE that! Our schools have cut a lot of the art prraogms, yet they keep pouring so much money into the sports prraogms! So frustrating!It's not our country, it's the school districts! My town gets PLENTY of money from our taxes to pay for the prraogms, but they first give themselves nice hefty pay increases, then worry about the school budget! UGH!

Emily Reynolds

Oh, Shannon! I just saw this old post and had to chime in to cheer for such an incredible combo of you and LeUyen! Being a former illustrator b.c. (before children)turned writer, I have to say that a more beautifully-suited duo could not exist.

Since my oldest was barely old enough to hold picture books in his lap, my children and I have been checking Ms. Pham's stuff out of the library and poring over it ravenously. Have you seen her sensitive illustrations in "Before I Was Your Mother?" Ga ga! Makes the rubberband in your heart twang a few beats out of rhythm. I had to buy "Before I Was Your Mother" for my middle daughter for Christmas a few years back--her work is that kind of gorgeous, isn't it? The kind you want to cherish and keep around.(Her characters' expressions are so insightful and human, and full of life...you have to own them to enjoy them over and over.)

So, congratulations on the happy nuptials of a beautiful pairing of author and illustrator. I couldn't be more pleased for you, and thrilled for myself at the happy prospect ahead of finding your impeccable work married.

P.S. I just finished "Midnight in Austenland" last week. I couldn't get enough of the running commentary by Charlotte's inner thoughts. M.i.A. was another nursing book that made rocking a little one to bed each night such an escape. "Could you put the hooligans down, Honey...while I nurse little Q. to sleep? It's such a chore you know?" Angelic babe in one arm and Midnight in Austenland in the other. Ah, sweet nights in Austenland.

My favorite characters? Colonel Andrews conjured up reminiscences of the ginger-haired Mr. Bingley in the Keira Knightly version of P&P...and I loved Ms. Charming--her vulnerability, her fake accent sitting pretty on top of her talent for detecting fakes! Loved it. And how I wouldn't love hearing her say, "What, what?" in person? Thanks for the fun. :) I can't wait to see the movie someday soon. Any news on that topic?

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