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October 15, 2012



There's a good possibility my "Awwww!" button got stuck.


These are awesome.

Amelia Loken

Soooo Cool! The Batman one was great!!! But I think the "Olivia" one looks the least staged. Love them all! (I'm a mom of 5 boys!)


Feel free to delete this if it isn't really the picture... But here's my lil' sister!


Love these!

Connie Onnie

I have a brother who read his wife copy of Pride & Prejudice before she did. I also have a friend whose husband read Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor before she did.


OH STINK!!! I forgot to send a picture!


I love this post. This is fantastic. :)


These made me so happy :)


The Batman one is HILARIOUS!! I also liked the last one though.

Kendra Dinger

My favorite is the Olivia one!


Oh my glob! That little boy reading Olivia is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Linda W

Love these photos!

Heidi Noel

Aw. My link must not have worked before. My boys loved doing this. I guess I can try again. http://bahlmannbasics.blogspot.com/2012/09/boys-reading.html

Zena Parks

What fun! Seeing all these pictures is great :) the Batman one is definitely awesome--good thing we get to have more than one winner! we've been so anxious to see if your kids would choose on of our pictures!


lol...these are greats. :)


My link didn't work... http://i1067.photobucket.com/albums/u438/what_am_i/JoywithEragonbooksandVideos008.jpg


this is it, I hope. The picture refuses to post.


Oh, so marvelous. I wish I'd gotten my grown sons to participate!


My second time to visit this page and Batman is still my favorite. :)


I have to agree with Liza, Batman is Hilarious.


love. just love. all such amazing books.

Ashley R.

I wish I had made time to take and post pictures. I wanted to, but I got busy. I do have real brothers who have actually read girl books and enjoyed them, I wish I could have shared them with you guys.


Those are great! Two thumbs up for those with enough guts to do that in front of choosey(is that a word?probably not)friends!


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Ben Williams


I like the Prom & Prejudice one it's the best! LOVE this idea. Awesome Shannon!

Ashley R.

To the person who carved the Matched and Crossed pumpkins last year: are you planning on carving a Reached pumpkin? If not, I would really enjoy it. Thanks!


Totally LOL-able pictures! I have to admit, I'm wth your husband on this one; the Batman pictures's my favorite.


Whoops, I spelled "picture's" wrong. Sorry!

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I think I have to take and publish pictures of the time. I would like to, but I got busy. I have a real brother who actually read the book of the girls like them, and I hope I can share with you.

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