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September 10, 2012


Amber Argyle

Looks a lot like my life. ;)


Oh, I love them! And it all looks familiar, as my twin boys are just a month younger than your girls!




That's a lot of high chairs.


Looks like my life! They are so cute!


They are adorable :)


Good to see all the comments that say "looks familiar" so I'm reminded that its not just me :) The days with twins are crazy, but the outcome is worth it. Your girls are beautiful.


They are beginning to look like little girls! How cute!

Caryn Caldwell

They are so adorable! And I'm with you - those moments when they're happy and sweet make all the mess and fuss worth it.


What's your tumblr? I must follow it!


I know your baby drama shouldn't make me smile, but it does :) We have all lived that exact moment. Good thing God made babies so yummy.


You have a tumblr?

Zena Parks

How cute! I'm new to mommyhood, and it's a most terrifying/lovable adventure!


And now I have Ed's voice from Raising Arizona linked with your blog and your little angels straight from heaven forever!

Sometimes I wonder how I get so little accomplished in a day and then I look over and see all my children...

Katie B.

Aw...they're so cute. My little brothers are twins, and I can remember being quite overwhelmed when they were younger. Now that they're six, it's a little better.


Sweet! I've been scanning in old pictures... I noticed one where (with only ONE child) our floor was completely strewn about with cereal/other small items. It does change. You almost don't remember it. Of course, the smiling pictures still ooze joy.


My twins turn 6 on Friday. So crazy how time flies! Sometimes, I actually kind of miss the crazy days. When my boys cried we would call it "poor man's surround sound" Their cries actually harmonized really well. Hang in there! :)


Saw this (& the comments) on a hard day full of many baby tears--it helped to see that I'm not alone. Thanks!

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