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September 13, 2012



Wow this is so cool! I just finished Palace of Stone and I absolutely loved it!

Amelia Loken

What a cool idea! Is this within a certain radius or all of USA? I know some teachers who would love this! But we're in Arkansas.

Heidi Noel

How would one go about signing up? Do you need to have a subscription to the School LIbrary Journal?

Zena Parks

Another question about signing up - my mom's a homeschooler. Any chance she can tune in for the kiddos at home?

(PS, LOVED Palace of Stone.)


I was so jazzed when I saw you'd be at the Baltimore Book Fest! Will be seeing you there.


I was so excited to hear you were coming to Illinois, and then I saw the date. I have volunteer work in the morning and school in the afternoon. :( So sad I'll miss seeing one of my all-time favorite authors!


Yay, Illinois!! But I think you should also make a quick jaunt up to Gurnee. I know a good library up there, and lots of people who would love to come see you!


I just barely finished Palace of Stone not 5 minutes ago! Shannon Hale! Why do you have to be so cute with your writings?! I love it too much!!!! I can not express how much I love your books. It is IMPOSSIBLE! It was just so cute the way it ended I can't handle it! I think I'm dieing more now than when I was waiting months for the book out of pure adorable-awesomeness that I can't explain or will ever beable too. I got so excited I couldn't sit still I ended up on the floor because I couldn't sit still!!!! Thank you Shannon Hale YOU MADE MY LIFE!!!!

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