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August 31, 2012





Woo-hoo! I'm so happy for you and Palace of Stone, Shannon! Yay! The word's getting out about what great books you write!

(PS: Go, Jon!)


Yay, Bestseller list! SO AWESOME!

Louisiana kid

Awesome! Did you end up coming to Mississippi on Wednesday with Hurricane Isaac hitting the coast on Tuesday I wonder. I wish I could have been there.

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

Wahoo! Palace of Stone deserves all the praise it can get! Great pic, too.


Congratulations, Shannon!


I'm going to the Decatur Book Festival tomorrow. I can't wait!!

Amelia Loken

This is awesome and amazing. You deserve this because your books are wonderful! I hope Miri continues to take the nation (world) by storm! :)


Here's my picture of college boys reading "girl" books!


The guy reading The Help, has actually read Princess Academy!

dissertation concepts

I am truly happy to your achievements! I, too, wish to have my own written book published. But for now, I will support your book. Where can I possibly buy a copy of your book?


Hi Alex, happy New Year. Wow, these are my favourite igames of yours they are amazing, love the colours with the makeup the first and 4th are my faves. Such wonderful work you should be a fashion photographer, Just been having a look at a few blogs as not really been looking for the last few months as find it takes me away from the kids! Just been looking at Sarah Rhoads site, and wierd that you have just mentioned her in your recent post too , and was looking and suddenly though that looks a familar pic your self portrait, well done. Speak soon and hopefully meet up with you in 2011 x


oh, I wish we could go back to 4th birthdays. Patrick turns 7 in just a few short weeks, and Marci flwools him with her 5th birthday. I'm just not ready for these big milestones. Savor each day.

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