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July 11, 2012



This is one of my favorite chapters! I absolutely love it when Miri discovers linder's true commerce price! It opens so many doors for her people!


By this point the first time I read PA, I was quite sure Katar would be the Academy princess, not necessarily because she deserved it (I was team Miri of course!), but because Olana would make it so, and that Britta would be chosen as the princess simply because she was not from Mount Eskel by birth. As for Miri, I figured she would go home to the mountain and live happily ever after with Peder. At least that's what I wanted her to do lol

I like that you don't want to declare True Interpretations. My personal opinion on Bekah's question is Olana would not have allowed her to borrow the book even if Miri had asked. I think she was just saying that kind of like a parent who says, "If you hadn't thrown that fit, I would've gotten you the toy" even if they never had any intention of buying the toy in the first place.

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