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July 17, 2012



I'm the first to post, cool. Thank you for doing this. Although it is really hard only reading one chapter at a time. I love your style. I'm just glad this isn't the first time I've ever read this book. I love it.


After "honing your inner reader" with works by other authors, do you every consciously emulate or avoid elements of their style? If so, do you find either approach (emulation or avoidance) to ultimately help or hinder your writing?


Where did you come up with the name Asland for part of the kingdom? That question actually comes from my mom because it kind of bothered her because it sounds so much like Aslan (she's a big Narnia fan).

Ashley R.

My little brother (12) read The Goose Girl, and he loved. He is now reading Enna Burning, and liking it. I am so happy he finally listened to me (to read it, of course). How many boys have you heard of who have read The Goose Girl and liked it? :)


How did you think of the ideas for both the actual story and the the 2 covers?

Women in Islam

Hey great stuff, thank you for sharing this useful information and i will let know my friends as well.


I love this post. I am a big ole bookworm, but I haven't alywas been one. I had trouble learning to read, when finally a teacher took extra time to help me learn. My Mom likes to say that I struggled a lot to read at first but once I learned they could never get me to stop. The Teacher that took that extra time to help me is still my absolute favorite and at 25 I still like to pop in and say hello. He is the Superintendent of our district these days.

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