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May 04, 2012


Enna Isilee

Q is brilliant AND lucky! And Taiger was one of the original LRRHers! How cool!


GAH! Shock! I am really surprised I won!
Thank you so much for your generosity, and congrats Taiger! :)


Grief. I think the universe must love me.


Dang it! I don't have a Twitter! Well, I guess that's my own fault. No ARC for me this time, unfortunately.

Rachel F.

Congrats to everyone who won! (Even to Q who won more than once. So lucky!)

Ashley R.

Congratulations, guys! I have wanted an ARC ever since Shannon started handing them out. I guess I'm not lucky like Q.
I still am so excited for the book to come out, though. I hope you lucky ARC winners are loving it. :)
Shannon, keep doing contests. I still have hopes of winning. ;)


i don't have twitter -.-
but i was really thinking about it yesterday, and i realized that PA taught me how to love reading. honestly. because before PA, i'd read lots of books, yeah, but i'd never had a favourite, or really gotten into them. PA was my first favourite book, and opened me up more into having strong opinions on books. the dear thing is a lifelong friend and i really hope that my copy doesn't fall apart anytime soon...


For some reason I don't think my comment was saved on the last post... stupid faulty internet connection. Oh well. I actually got most of them right, which surprises me. I was kinda guessing on most of them. Congrats to the winners!


I dont have a twitter, im too young! -_- well I guess i`ll have to get it when it comes out in stores like most of the rest of us! I CANT WAIT!!! I might be able to get it for my birthday!! :)


Oh and BTW Q how is the book? Are you enjoying it? Can you understand the foreign edition? Congrats!!! I cant wait till August!

Ashley R.

I am so sad I don't have a twitter! I want that book so bad. This is the book I'm most excited for right now!


I'm feeling fey struck right now.

Anna Hazelton

Congrats Sora and Taiger!!!!


Darn! I don't have a twitter either. ):

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